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Nowadays most people prefer to manage and send their forms electronically. This allows saving much time and effort as well as costs on printing out papers. A great deal of forms and applications are submitted online and various contracts are sent for signing via email. However, it may happen that your files contain certain mistakes or errors you wish to eliminate.

Of course, PDF is one of the most popular formats with users as it is easy to open, view and share. However, be aware it is unalterable and deleting or extracting some pieces of text or images from such documents is not so easy.

In this case you have to use one of the streamlined PDF editors that allow you to make your paper editable to erase unnecessary text. In this article you will find out all the pros and cons of digital and downloadable solutions as well as a short guide how to apply them.

Offline vs Online PDF Editor

Today we have a number of different services for editing PDFs. Some of them should be installed on your device and some can be accessed online. Unlike the first ones, the second solutions don`t require any downloads, so they don't consume any space on your PC. What is more, most of them are completely free. In addition to this, digital editors are very user-friendly and provide all the customers with a step-by-step instruction. So, you will definitely accomplish the process successfully, even if you are a first-time user.

Few Tips to Erase Text in Your PDF?

With advanced online tools erasing text in your documents is a breeze. The process consists of just a few effortless steps:

  • open a specific instant service and upload a sheet you need to edit;
  • then select the “Erase” button in the “Tools” tab;
  • drag the cursor to erase text, image or any other item;
  • if you need to add some texts instead of deleted one, click the “Text” button and start typing;
  • once you finish, choose “Done” and save, send or print out your PDF.

Platforms for document management provide many advantages for their customers such as quick operation, compatibility with devices to work with as well as a set of features that enable to erase pdf. Thanks to electronic tools, there is no need to contend with tedious paperwork.

Follow the guidance regarding how to work on your PDF:

  1. As soon as you're on the needed website, add the document out of your computer making use of the respective button.
  2. Alternatively, you could get the necessary file from one of the cloud storages and conduct different steps further like erase pdf.
  3. After that, you'll be taken to a PDF editor.
  4. Here, you're able to include fillable fields, text and different graphical objects to the pages of the blank or contract.
  5. Manipulate the pages within your document applying the Rearrange Pages panel.
  6. Customize your blank by including sticky notes and comments for the recipients.
  7. Place a digital signature to formally approve the document and enable it to be legal. To do that, make use of Sign Tool.
  8. On completion, hit the orange Done button in the right top corner.
  9. Using this solution, you can not only erase pdf but also share it with other recipients and ask for signatures from them.

Use the service that will raise your productivity and assist to put in order your workflow. Effortlessly erase pdf from any device without the stress and take advantage of the user-friendly interface.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Erase PDF

Instructions and Help about Erase PDF

I'm david lumber dino editor-in-chief of da editor and approvers here to give you our tips on how to prepare a successful application when i'm talking about an heiress application in this video if i use the word heiress application i'm going to be referring specifically to the online form the my heiress form that you fill out with your contact details and your descriptions i'm not going to be talking about letters of recommendation personal statements MSP es etc that i cover in other videos for the scope of this video i'm talking just about filling out that form however similar to the other components of the application how you fill out or how you prepare the era's application will indicate to the program the kind of person you are the kind of resident you would be in their programs for example are you precise and detailed and thorough and so how you fill out the form is going to communicate that are you going to be a resident who skipped over details or are you going to be the kind of president who covers every detail and so that's going to be the motivation or the spirit behind the tips that I give to you today and so first I want to talk about your address your address needs to be spelled correctly and punctuated correctly your mailing address ideally should be the same as your permanent address if you're coming from outside the United States get at least a mailing address in the United States even better would be for you to move to the United States or come to the United States and get an address here in the United States so if we're coming for an observer ship or an externship if you're here just for a few months it doesn't matter get it get a u.s. address in the United States and put it as both your permanent address and your mailing address similarly the phone numbers both the address and the phone number should demonstrate if you're coming from outside of the United States your commitment to being in the United States both now and in the future as a resident you want to show that everything that you have is invested in pursuing residency in the United States and so your phone number should be from the United States specifically you want mobile phone number and you want to list that mobile phone number as both the mobile number and the preferred number and this is this goes for both international medical graduates and graduates from US medical schools but the mobile number the same as your preferred number to show that you are ready and available at any time to receive a communication from the program make sure that your phone numbers are formatted in the same way and in a way that easy to read now it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to follow one formatting standard versus

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Deborah W.
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It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
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I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

Supporting Forms

Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


How do I erase author data from a PDF in Mac?
If you have Acrobat reader, you can open the Document properties and delete the Author field. Go to File→ Properties →Description. There you have the Author field.If you do not have Acrobat, you can use tools like PDFtk or exiftool:If you run a simple command, exiftool -Author="", after installing exiftool, you can get the author empty.A third, rather simple method is to Print the PDF file. Open the PDF, and CMD+P, in the print dialog→ Save as PDF.Then, clear the Author field before you click Save.
Is it possible to remove water mark from a PDF file?
Hi,Yes, it is completely possible to erase watermark from PDF file. There are various Online solutions available in the digital market. But, I would recommend you to use PDF Watermark Deleter because I myself use this tool. This software easily remove watermark from PDF file without any hurdle.Thanks & Regards
How can I directly download Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family in PDF?
Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family by Garrard ConleyA compelling, compassionate memoir about Garrard Conley's struggle with his homosexuality while growing up in an ultra-religious town and family. He writes about undergoing ex-gay conversion therapy, disappointing his father - a Baptist pastor - and his church as a whole, and using writing itself to cope with his emotional wounds. Though he tells his story in a consistent personal narrative style, Conley connects his journey to the pain that many LGBTQ youth endure when raised in intolerant, oftentimes religious communities.I loved the love Conley shows in Boy Erased. So many people treated him with hate and homophobia as he grew up, and instead of stooping to their level, he humanizes them and treats them as three-dimensional characters. He seeks to understand without minimizing his own pain, with unflinching candor, he shares the shame and doubt he felt, emotions instilled by the bigoted people around him. Conley's kindness shines most when he details his relationships with his parents. Their family's love for one another, while tested and complicated by homophobia, never gets broken.Overall, recommended to anyone interested in the intersections of LGBTQ identity, religion, and personal narrative. Conley's writing, while lyrical and eloquent, never romanticizes the suffering he and so many others have faced. As a nonreligious person, I gained a deeper empathy for LGBTQ individuals who grow up in religious households and communities, as well as for those who raise them. A bittersweet feeling struck me so many times while reading Boy Erased, a combination of sadness for all the potential romantic relationships ruined by internalized homophobia, as well as hope that books like this one can help people accept themselves more fully. I am grateful Garrard Conley had the courage to write and to publish it.
How do I edit PDF files for free?
Everyone of us use PDF files whether it is resume or study materials. Using PDFs instead of Word files have several advantages also.Sometimes it is require to make changes in the file and to do this we have to edit PDF file. For editing PDF files, there are many software tools available like Adobe Acrobat but these are paid software.However, if you do not have paid version software and still want to edit PDFs then we have simple steps using which you can easily edit your PDF files without using any paid software.Follow the below mentioned steps in order to edit PDFs Online free:Upload your PDF file which you want to edit on Google Drive. To upload file you need to open any browser and type in address bar.You will be ask to login using your Gmail account. Enter your Gmail email id and password. Upon login Google Drive home page will open.Now click on New button at top corner and again click on File upload and browse to the location where file is saved on your computer.Choose the correct file from your computer and click upload. Process of uploading the file is begin.Once the file is uploaded, Go to the file in your Google Drive and right click on it.After that you have to select open with Google Docs.As soon as file opens in Google Docs, you can make require changes.After you are done with all the changes which you wanted to make, you can save the file as PDF or Word document or any other file format you want.pls subscribe to my blog TechnoGeeker - for more such tech related informationthanks
What is the easiest way to edit a PDF?
In my understanding, you want to change original text in PDF, am I right?If your PDF is native file which is searchable and selectable, you can open it with PDFelement on your PC or Mac, and directly edit it under “Edit” mode. (see image below) Edited text would automatically match original font and size.If your PDF is scanned or images, you need to OCR(Optical Character Recognition) first to convert it into searchable and editable file. PDFelement 6 Pro can complete the OCR.Original file:After OCR:After OCR, then you can edit the PDF file directly under “Edit” mode.If you want to edit PDF on you iPhone, you can have PDFelement for iOS. As I know, it is the only free App offering PDF text editing and converting feature in Apple Store. (Please note, iOS version does not include OCR, therefore, you can only edit native PDF file. For scanned PDF, you can only annotate with drawing tool)
How was your CV for CA articleship in big four?
This is how my CV looked which I prepared exclusively for articleship at Big4.When sending softcopies of your Resume , you must send it in PDF format. I used to send word file before my brother pointed this out.I am attaching this because many a times we just make the required changes to another person's CV (atleast I did that) . Saves a lot of editing and formatting time.
Is there any way to clear a specific memory from mind permanently?
Nicholas: The topic of mind control—a.k.a. erase memory is elaborate, multifaceted, and multilayered. However, if the subject of mind control—i.e. erase a memory—breaks free of the milieu and constant dynamics of the elaborate, multifaceted, and multilayered reinforcements the memory will resurface.In fact, the memory of a horrific experience is often driven deep into the unconscious mind for short or long periods of time. In the meantime, however, fragments of the experience are pushed into the conscious mind. These fragments break to the conscious mind in such diagnosed behaviors as anxiety, stress, depression, nightmare dreams, typical dreams, panic attacks, bi-polar, migraine headaches, lupus, fibromyalgia, diabetes, cancer. PTSD, and the list goes on from A to Z and everything in between.Every diagnoses can be healed at the root cause—the experience that causes the emotional pain and distress at the Mind/Emotional, Body and Spiritual level. I developed a proprietary process to create Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Transformation. You will learn how to consciously access your innate power to transform symptoms, emotional blocks and to create success. I was a faculty member of the World Regression Congress in the Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey, and Greece.​Details of Mind Control—Erase memoryThe plans to create mind-controlled workers society have been in place for a long time. The current technology grew out of experiments that the Nazis started before World War II and intensified during the time of the Nazi concentration camps when an unlimited supply of children and adults were available for experimentation. We've heard about the inhumane medical experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners, but no word was ever mentioned by the media and the TV documentaries of the mind control experiments. That was not to be divulged to the American public. Mind control technologies can be broadly divided into two subsets: trauma-based or electronic-based.The first phase of government mind control development grew out of the old occult techniques which required the victim to be exposed to massive psychological and physical trauma, usually beginning in infancy, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into a thousand alter personalities which can then be separately programmed to perform any function (or job) that the programmer wishes to"install". Each alter personality created is separate and distinct from the front personality. The 'front personality' is unaware of the existence or activities of the alter personalities. Alter personalities can be brought to the surface by programmers or handlers using special codes, usually stored in a laptop computer. The victim of mind control can also be affected by specific sounds, words, or actions known as triggers.The second phase of mind control development was refined at an underground base below Fort Hero on Montauk, Long Island (New York) and is referred to as the Montauk Project. The earliest adolescent victims of Montauk style programming, so-called Montauk Boys, were programmed using trauma-based techniques, but that method was eventually abandoned in favor of an all-electronic induction process which could be "installed" in a matter of days (or even hours) instead of the many years that it took to complete trauma-based methods.Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-based Monarch Project and the CIA's MK Ultra mind control programs. Mengele and approximately 5, 000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the 'training'. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele's mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the 'training') would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission.Mind Control 'Programmed' IndividualsThe lone gunman that we hear about in assassinations, assassination attempts, school shootings, etc. are mind controlled individuals who had been 'programmed' to carry out those missions. Ted Bundy, the 'Son of Sam' serial killer David Berkowitz, Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine shooters, Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, etc. were mind controlled individuals who were programmed to perform these killings. Tens of thousands of young teenage boys were kidnapped and forced into the mind control training program called The Montauk Project starting around 1976. Al Bielek, under mind control, was involved in many areas of the secret Montauk Project. After slowly recovering his memories beginning in the late 1980s, he came to realize that there was at least 250,000 mind controlled "Montauk Boys' produced at 25 different facilities similar to the underground base at Montauk, Long Island. Many of these boys were to become 'sleepers' who are individuals who were programmed to go into action at a later date when properly "triggered" to engage in some sort of destructive or disruptive conduct. Other Montauk Boys were woven into the fabric of mainstream American life as journalists, radio & TV personalities, businessmen, lawyers, medical professionals, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, military men, et al.'Concrete' Evidence from Brice Taylor (Aug. 16, 2008)Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture by Henry Makow (Nov. 4, 2007)Testimonial for Brice Taylor from Don Weeks (May 3, 2004)Brice Taylor CommentaryNeurofeedback and Other Interventions for Patients with Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Dissociative Disorders by Susan Ford (Brice Taylor) Jan. 9, 2005Neurofeedback and Other Interventions for Patients with Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Dissociative Disorders By Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor Jan. 9, 2005)Psychotronic & Demonic Torment-Understanding the Attack and How to Thwart It by M.Topper (1991) Psychotronic & Demonic Torment-Understanding the Attack and How to Thwart ItNicholas: Thank you for inviting me to answer your question. If you have additional questions contact me. I am here only to truly be helpful.
How do I remove the same element (as watermark) in every page of one PDF document?
As per my understanding you have watermark on each page of document and you need to remove this:For this you need full version of Adobe Acrobat, open file in Acrobat go to menu Tool - Pages - Watermark - Remove (please see screen below)
How can I draw on a PDF file?
Unlike editing text or images within a PDF, drawing on a PDF is a relatively simple task.  Desktop PDF ReadersI would recommend using Adobe Reader (available on both PC and Mac). You can download Reader for free here: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC After opening Reader, click the "Comment" tab in the navigation bar, and then "Drawing Markups". You should be able to cover it with shapes including a rectangle or circle. There is also an eraser tool that may be useful for what you are trying to accomplish. Online PDF editorsPersonally, I'm a fan of using online PDF tools given that they are also free and have many features allowing you to perform a broader range of tasks. They are particularly useful if you need to regularly merge, split, sign and rotate PDF files. For online PDF services, I would check out PDF Pro (full disclosure - I founded PDF Pro). After uploading a PDF file to the online PDF editor, you can draw a range of shapes or use the eraser to modify the contents of your exam. Good luck!