FAQ - Erase PDF By OS and Browser Type

Is there a way to erase on a PDF?
Use a PDF editor to erase individual words. Click on the Edit PDF tool on the right-hand side of the screen. Select a text block and make changes in the PDF or erase words using your keyboard. Erase entire text blocks by clicking Delete when the block is highlighted.
How do I white out a PDF and type over it?
Alternatively you can also use EDIT PDF tool as follows : Go to Edit PDF tool. Select the text you want to white out/override. Press DELETE\Backspace key. Now, enter the text.
Does PDF editor have a eraser?
Select the Eraser tool in the Tools menu To access this tool, open the Tools menu and select Edit PDF. If the Eraser tool is not visible, you may need to select More Tools to find it. Selecting this option will bring up a new menu showing all of the available tools. Scroll down until you locate the Eraser tool.
How do you erase a PDF online?
PDF White Out Erase Text or Images from PDF Online Drag and drop a PDF into our Editor. Click the square icon to get started, and choose Rectangle. Place and adjust the size to cover the content. Change the fill and border color to white. Hit Download and save your edited PDF!