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So you need to remove one page or multiple pages from a pdf document using your mac for free let's get into it all right welcome back to my channel so if you're new to my channel obviously just check out my backlog i have a couple hundred different videos one of them i did recently was how to combine pdf files so if you have multiple pdf files how to combine them for free on a mac so check that one out but i had a problem the other day it seems like it would be really easy to fix but it wasn't so if you have a pdf file and you want to either remove like the middle page or the end page of the pdf file what is the easiest way to do that on a mac an apple mac for free so what we're going to do today is i'm going to go ahead and show you the easiest way to go ahead and delete either a single page or multiple pages and then re-save the document without using any paid for software like adobe or anything like that and how quick you know you can do it in two seconds i always promise my videos are going to be short and they never are i apologize about that so hopefully this one will be i'm going to share my screen behind me i'm going to go through and show you the simple process of just deleting a pdf page from a pdf document check out my other stuff for other videos and stuff on apple all around you know i do tons of apple videos let's get into this one though i promise it'll be quick and then i'll catch you on the other side all right so this one's going to be fairly fast and easy so let's say you have a pdf file and this one's called firewall.pdf it's right here and if i double click on it what it's going to do is if you double click on a pdf file you can see it opens it up and it opens it up in preview right so that's kind of what you want is you want it in preview that's the first step now in here you can see this is a very uh this is about configuring a simple firewall i got this from cisco just as an example some really boring stuff in here but let's just assume this last page here see it here you don't want that in there because it's blank so you only want these top pages in here well how what's the easiest way to delete this you can do it a couple different ways but let's go ahead and show you all you have to do really is you know make sure you're in preview go up to view right here see view and and then make sure obviously you can ...