Is Note Taking on An Ipad Worth It?

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Is note taking on an iPad worth it?

What's better, taking notes on an iPad or pen and paper, and is using an iPad as your only device for class a good idea? That depends on several factors. Can you write faster or type faster? If the former, how legible is your writing? Does the nature of your notetaking involve drawing images, math formulas, graphs, etc? It's good to have a single repository for all your notes and class information on your iPad and back them up in iCloud for both remote access (say, if you also use a laptop or desktop) and for added security. If you need to take written notes, you can always, photograph/scan or transcribe them, to keep them digitally. If you're not very fast in either form of notetaking, you can also always use a recorder app on your iPad to record the lectures for later transcription. Capturing blackboard images by iPad camera may also help. Transcribing gives an opportunity to review and it will help to remember easier. If your lectures involved using a lot of pictures with text, make sure to download the iWork suite and use Pages to keep the related information all together. Depending on the presentation/organization and the kind of information, Numbers or Keynote may work better in those situations. You’ll know which will work better for you. If you have a teacher or professor that always lectures with Keynote or PowerPoint or has a lot a lot of things to capture, you may not have to take many notes in class. Get a GorillaPod for the iPad to carry with you, for better-framed and more stable images. Or the teacher may make the presentation document available for the class. BTW, make sure to turn off the shutter sound in class. In any case, carry pen and paper as a backup, in case of any momentary technological malfunctions. .

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