Are the Green Scrub Pads Aquarium Safe?

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Are the green scrub pads aquarium safe?

For the outside or areas not underwater, 3% or 6% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle with a micro fibre cloth. If using for the inside dry section of the tank, try spraying as little as possible to ensure you don’t overdose the tank. Some species of fish (plecos are one) are more sensitive to peroxide than others. If necessary, clean it section by section with an hour or two in between to let the peroxide you’ve sprayed, change into water. Avoid using any cleaners or other chemicals around your tank - t will inevitably get into your tank and poison the water… hydrogen peroxide will convert to oxygen and pure water when exposed to light, so is the only reasonably safe cleaner to use near a tank. To clean the glass under water, go to a hardware store and pickup a scraper blade - similar size to a razor blade, but isn’t sharp enough to cut flesh when handling! Then just use it to scrape the algae off using gentle, even pressure. You can buy holders for these to make handling them easier, but I find that most of these either have metal/rusting parts, or will hold water inside them when removing them from the water, which means you either dis-assemble them after every use, or end up with the blade itself rusting inside the holder, while dribbling rust water unexpectedly when you pick it up next time.

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Some of these will actually have peroxide in or inside them, which is no Buena, but it can be cleaned using some very simple chemicals such as peroxide, alcohol, iodine, or baking soda. To clean your equipment, keep a close watch on your water temperature. If you use a heater with a high setting, turn it off after you are done using hydrogen peroxide and water in the aquarium. If you have a high-end aquarium heater, turn the temperature down below a constant 35 °F and then only use the heater when your water is at a constant temp. It is also a good idea to change your water once a day after every few weeks of use, just in case your aquarium is accidentally exposed to a very weak solution that was used. Other Helpful Info: Peroxide is also available in a food grade form, called Hydrogen peroxide for Marine use..

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