D&d How Do You Keep Track of X Per Day Abilities?

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D&D: How do you keep track of X-per-day abilities?

So - I am currently playing a 10th level Aasimar - Scourge, Paladin - Oath of the Ancients (6) Warlock - Hexblade (4) As I am in Adventurers league I gave up my ability to due damage and my background ability to get real wings. Basic abilities Flight from the wings Better vision - (Dark vision 60′ and Devil’s sight 120′) Immune to Disease and resistant to radiant and necrotic damage I have several options to heal - Which is really nifty Healing Hands (aasimar) - 10 hits Lay on hands - 30 points This can either heal someone or using 5 points cure disease or neutralize poison - miracles anyone… Cure wounds/Healing word - use my spell slots to heal (and as I have 2 warlock spells (2nd level) I can recoup every hour or so - I can certainly heal a ton Helpful as others have said in the current situation - I could cure the corona virus in 6 people a day. And that is without using spells - and help with the symptoms by healing other damage (or using Lesser restoration - 2nd level spell slot) Aura of protection - granting those within 10 feet of me some protection from detrimental effects Aura of Warding - granting those within 10 feet of me advantage against magical attacks Spell casting Light cantrip (aasimar) Other cantrips (warlock) Chill Touch and Eldritch Blast So I can defend myself at range if needed 1st Bless, Cure Wounds, Divine Favor, Thunderous Smite, Shield of Faith, Ensnaring Strike, Speak with Animals Arms of Hadar, Hellish rebuke, Hex, Shield, Wrathful Smite 2nd Lesser Restoration, Find Steed, Blur, Branding Smite Darkness, Moon Beamm Misty Step Spells grant me lots of options - if someone tries to rob me - cast darkness and then defend myself from within the AOE. I can Misty step away as needed. Shield and Shield of faith help with defense - particularly given that I suspect it will still not be allowed to walk down the street with a sword out. Though I probalby could get way with chain mail under a jacket. With slits for my wings… Cure wounds - as stated above makes me real useful as does lesser restoration - particularly as I can regain 2 of my 2nd level spell slots every hour or so… say 8–10 times a day or more - that is a lot of healing when combined with me 4 1st level and 2 2nd level paladin slots. And I can speak with animals as needed. More defense Divine Smite Channel Divinity Nature’s Wrath - probalby the best way for me to hinder/capture petty thieves. Turn the Faithless (not as useful - depending on how many fey/fiends are actually in the world) So in short - My character would be very useful in the modern world Able to better defend himself - I would probably change out my chain armore for kevlar of some sort - still figure I would be more squishy in the real world - but shield of faith, shield in general, and the ability to heal should aid me Healing in general and being able to cure diseases and remove toxins, etc. Lesser restoration. You touch a creature and can end either one disease or one condition afflicting it. The condition can be blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned. (really useful) By my calculation I can cure disease on ~28 people a day - 6 from lay on hands, plus say 9 short rests - so 20 lesser restoration And unlimited ability to do damage from a distance - would make me useful militarily - particularly as I can set up areas of darkness that even infrared cannot penetrate my darkness. Not that I would be that sneaky - would need a way to cast silence… If I was one level higher (warlock) I would also be able to call up weapons from nowhere - as I would take the Improved Pact weapon - that would make me more formidable… Ah well…

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