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Did the US government and individual state’s adequately show the public that there was no significant election fraud in the 2020 presidential election?

Before I dive into these questions, let me preface the answer by stating that I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am a Libertarian (you can check old posts of mine). I believe in the US Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. I support the rights of all individuals, and I do not discriminate. When it comes to voting, all legal votes should be counted, and every voice should be heard. I am going to break the question up into two parts, and answer them individually. What are some examples of potential voter fraud in the 2020 US election? The Overnight Flip On election night (Tuesday, 11–2–2020) Trump had a several point lead in each state that had yet to be called, with the exception of Nevada. He was on track to get 293 electoral votes, with only 270 needed for the win. As the early morning hours ticked away, the voting data from those states suddenly stopped coming in. People went to bed, and when t woke up, Michigan and Wisconsin changed over to Biden, even though only a few percent of the precincts were left. Biden made up the ground in the wee hours of the morning, while most people were asleep. However, it does raise some eyebrows, especially given that the country is practically split 50/50. To make up that many votes with only a small percentage of precincts left is an oddity. The excuse for the mathematical anomaly was that mail-in ballots were being counted overnight, and a large percentage of those went to Biden. Is this overnight flip evidence of voter fraud? No, not by itself. Dead Voters Michigan has been caught using dead voters to boost votes. The oldest dead voter was born in 1850! You read that correctly, 1850, as in 11 years prior to the US Civil War. His name was Jason Lemoyne Daniel. The man would have to be 170 years old today. Is this evidence of voter fraud? I would say yes, this is an example of attempted voter fraud, even if done by individuals and not organizations / political parties. Someone had to fill out the ballots for long dead people and send them in. The dead voter ballots discovered to date have since been nullified. Wisconsin and Registered Voters vs. Votes A story came out on Wednesday that Wisconsin’s total number of votes were higher than the number of actual registered voters. If true, that would be a mathematical impossibility. Obviously, Trump and the Republicans started looking into this, especially since Trump lost Wisconsin overnight. What appears to have happened was that someone made a Facebook post about the numbers, but used registered voter data from 2018. When the votes exceeded that data by over 100,000 votes, red flags started being waved as alerts. A closer look at public records show that in 2020, there were an additional +/- 500,000 registered voters in Wisconsin, and thus, the number of votes did not exceed the number of voters. This is not evidence of voter fraud, just bad research. Atlanta, Georgia A video has surfaced showing a ballot counter getting frustrated and having a fit, flipping off and crumbling up a ballot he was just looking at, and tossing it. If true, then this is most definitely voter fraud. If he does one, how many others has he tossed out? Barlow, Michigan Post Office A whistle-blower has come forward that works at the Barlow, Michigan post office. He claims that a supervisor told him and other workers that if a mail-in ballot arrived after November 3rd, to back date the stamp so that it can be counted. In other words, any mail-in ballots arriving on 11–4–20 (the deadline was 8pm on 11–3–20) should be stamped as having arrived the day before. If true, then this could be classified as voter fraud. T would be falsifying the postmark. Pennsylvania Poll / Ballot Watchers There are reports that poll or ballot watchers have been denied access to the ballot counting area at some stations in Pennsylvania, even though t are authorized to be there. Their function is to make sure that the ballots are being handled properly, and the votes counted correctly. Some have claimed that t have been told to stand 30 to 40 feet away, which means t can’t actually see the ballots to know what is on them. Others have said that t have been denied access completely. The poll / ballot watchers issue has been corrected, and t are being given appropriate access. However, this raises a red flag because what happened while t were being distanced or denied access? At one counting station, officials inside the areas put up large pieces of paper / cardboard to block the view of onlookers through the windows. The question has to be asked, “What are you trying to hide?” Is this evidence of voter fraud? Possibly. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Mail-in ballots were sent out to residents. As of this date, 112% have been returned to be counted. Where did that extra 12% come from? The PA Secretary of State had a “deer in the headlight” look when asked that question by a reporter. The PA Sec-State said it was a “computer glitch.” Is that evidence of voter fraud? Possibly, and there seems to be a lot of “computer glitches” in the remaining states that have yet to be called. Trashed Ballots Several ballots have been found across the country, where someone tossed them in a dumpster, garbage can, tried to hide them, etc, and in Glendale, Arizona, a farm worker found ballots hidden in a field. Someone stole the ballots from mailboxes in an effort to keep those people from voting. Is that voter fraud? Yes. What's being done about any confirmed cases of voter fraud? Potential cases of voter fraud are being reported. Those cases will be looked at and if true, hopefully corrected. Many of these issues will be brought up during the coming court cases. It will be up to the judges / justices to decide if certain ballots should be allowed, discarded, or if anyone is in violation of any laws. Most Americans want a fair and just election. Count every legal ballot, and let the people decide. Unfortunately, there are some people whose moral compass is so messed up that t will do anything to try and help their candidate win, even if it means cheating or committing voter fraud.

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