Do Americans Wish Hillary Had Won the 2016 Election against Trump?

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Do Americans wish Hillary had won the 2016 election against Trump?

What would the US look like today if John McCain had won 2008 election, Mitt Romney had won 2012 election and Donald Trump had won 2020 election? It is a troll question by a little boy, wearing his Dad’s hat and living in his parents basement. Probably one of those postings that get paid for writing dumb questions that generate a ton of hits by pissing people off with the answer and generating more responses. Okay, I will bite. We saw what happened in 2008 with the election of Obama. Housing market tanked, oil prices went through the ceiling and Obama-Biden spent the next eight years trying to blame Bush for all the bad things that happened from banning oil exploration, fracking and of course, Solendra and its boondoggle on fleecing the Tax payers out of a billion dollar stimulus package. We all know you didn’t build your business, someone else did or so t said. We can’t blame politicians for what t do, t have a built in gene that encompasses Fraud, Waste and destruction of the Constitution. It’s what t do. It was predestined and meant to be. A crook is a crook and no amount of rehabilitation facilities (prison or Congress, take your pick) will remedy that situation. It’s the idiots that elected these people knowing full well what the definition of “insanity is”. Doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting a new outcome. It’s the voter that needs medical attention, not the politicians. To make changes, real changes, you need to start with fixing what is causing the problem, not blaming the guys causing the problem. Here is how we do it. Start with how people vote. You can’t cash a check without some form of ID, go to a Doctors Office without a Driver’s license or board an Airplane without proof of who you are, why should you be able to vote without some form of ID? Get rid of Mail in Voting or unsolicited ballots being sent out to just about everyone registered to vote even dead people. Make a few exceptions to those in the Military overseas, people who are out of the Country (there are US embassies in just about every civilized country in the world, so vote there) and those in Nursing Homes or Hospitals. You hire Census takers ,hire bonded and licensed voter personnel to obtain votes. Have body cameras just like the police wear. Better yet, have the police collect the ballots. Get rid of Voting Machines that can be manipulated, changed or that can go on-line and be hacked. Go back to the basic’s. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. A pen and pencil works just fine and put a water mark on each ballot. Pencil and Paper ballots worked great for 200 years, why screw around with a good thing. If it ain’t broken, why try and fix it? Put Term limits on the Politicians that go to Washington DC as a career. That’s nuts. Get people who want to serve our country, not get rich off of it. Some Countries require a four year minimum military service, some Religions have Two year requirement for all members to serve on a mission and of course it takes about four years to get a college Degree. Have the Senate serve for one term only at four years and Congress at two years. That would take care of the families making huge amounts of money that the politicians send their way. Put them on the same Social Security retirement that voters are on and stop giving them lifetime pensions after serving only one term. Clean it up! Clean up the so called “news networks”. Have the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pull the licenses of any so called News outlet that reports on a false news report that is proven untrue. That would go for even their predictions on who is going to win, reporting any crimes that prove to be false (England has a really tough law on not reporting names or events until after a trial with a verdict) and censoring opposing opinions. In other words, be fair. If you spend ten minutes on one point of view, make it mandatory to spend another ten minutes on a different point of view. To be able to vote, take the same test on Civics and American History that an immigrant must pass to become a Citizen of the United States. If you can’t read or write? Learn. If you can’t speak English? Learn. If you are just plain stupid, don’t vote. Limit Campaign contributions to $25. Try and figure out why some of these idiots spend 100 million Dollars for a 100 thousand dollar per year job. Stop sending people to Washington who have very little to start and end up a few years later millionaires. Set up an easy “recall” procedure to get rid of those who screw the American people. The country was founded on WE THE PEOPLE, not just a handful of politicians that screw everything up. Commercial Airline Pilots have a mandatory retirement age of 60 years old. What in the Hell are we doing with 80 year old people pulling the leavers of power? T belong in a nursing home, not in the White House or Congress. In Japan last year, only a handful of people received citizenship. If both of your parents were not born in the United States or a Military base in a foreign country, you should not be awarded citizenship. It is a privilege, not a right. Stop this anchor baby bullshit where people sneak into the United States and the kids get citizenship. If your parents were not US citizens, then anyone born here is not a US citizen.

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Then, once he got the nomination, the MSM was in on Hillary's cover-up (like the GOP was not) And the Clinton campaign was getting the press coverage it really wanted. But the Trump campaign didn't have the coordination, and didn’t have the access to the media. They did not get the press, and they got no press at all after Trump won the GOP nomination. For years, Trump had to work the refs. And if he didn’t have a media team, he had to work the refs. But then Trump won. And a real press corps began to cover the Donald. Trump's tweets have been the most accurate. Not one false positive since his victory. You can tell that he's not lying. Not to self, not to media (the latter not about fake news), and not to the republicans. He's just telling the truth. It's been a long time.