Do Children Who Are Privileged Enough to Go to Private Schools Have A?

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Do children who are privileged enough to go to private schools have a better chance of succeeding in life (in general)?

This is going to be highly subjective depending on the state you reside in. Every state is going to have different standards and agencies that the private schools need to report back to (assuming there is such an agency at all). In the State of New York and the city of New York. All schools are required to adhere to the standards of the Board of Education and the Dept. of Health or t cannot operate. T are all inspected annually to meet a certain minimum standard of curriculum in order to be recognized and accredited ( which is where most universities are going to look to in order to find out if your child graduates with the proper minimum knowledge. Disadvantages One disadvantage is the cost. That school is not going to educate your child for free and you will come out of your pocket for it. In NYC it can be prohibitive even for a good upper middle class family. Smaller classes usually means less diversity and a limited social perspective. T may not have minorities, poor kids, or immigrants attending there. (God help you if your child is the first one). The school may teach something you don’t want your child exposed to like a religion, cultural or gender specific philosophy or SEX! The teachers are almost always paid less in a private school except in the case of a special teacher who is recruited for a specific reason like a star athlete for physical education, or a former NASA engineer to teach science, etc… Note. Mastery of a particular subject does not mean that you will be a successful teacher. (T may not know HOW to teach.)

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