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For D&D 5e, do you use pencil and paper character sheets or D&D Beyond? What drives your preference?

Alright, the full series of events, from the DMs perspective. So first, the party kept negotiating with the two remaining head cultists as the backline of guards ran off to kill Jenks(skeleton NPC with a cool sword), t were lead into the main room where the party had previously killed 4 head cultists. Now, the party is weakened, its most powerful member giant purple babied, and everyone else kinda shooting for different ideas. While t try to negotiate with the party, Alec and Danrio are claiming that Micah used a mind-control spell to make them kill the head cultists, and the Cultist asks for the spellbook of the wizard(Micah), and then doesn't give it back (Micah no longer has his spell sheet, and must remember all the fuckin spells he had). The cultists say that the actions of the party are causing them to need to move, so t need to awaken the baby frost worms with human sacrifices. T then tell each party member to flip a coin. Denairio and Alec flip bads, Kia and Micah flip goods. Alec and Danrio are surrounded by guards, and before t are killed, Alec says he wants to kill Micah, the cultist says alright. Now Micah doesn't remember most of the spells he had and is also going pretty easy on Alec, who has hunters mark and rolls a crit. 4 combat rounds and not enough shields later, Alec drops Micah to -8 and finishes him off, after taking round 12 damage himself in the fight. With the wizard's dead body on the floor, 4 guards stab Alec through the back of the chest, dropping him to -14 instantly. 2 dead in 30 seconds, promising. Denairio and Kia are told by the head cultist that t should come with him, when no less than 10 steps down the hall later, t both get 5-4 spears in the back, killing Kia, and possibly dropping Denairio to negative 12, but he has Strenght Of the Grave(he rolls a char save with DC equal to the damage of the blow that killed him +5) He makes it, and quickly casts darkness to save his skin and flew into a shaft in the ceiling of the ice cave. Denairio flew into a shaft, which had a small cave around the middle, onto the top of the shaft, which was the icy bottom of a frozen pond. He was being tailed by a bat, most likely a scouting familiar of a Cultist. Our Sorcerer began shooting fire bolts into the iced ceiling, breaking it after 3 decent shots, he suddenly felt a rush of ice-cold water hit him from the hole, now cracking open. The entire pond was emptying onto him, and while he dug his claws into the sides of the ice and beat his wings, it was not enough. He began to fall after the torrent overwhelmed him. He narrowly moved into the cave in the middle, gliding with his wings, which on closer inspection had bed sheets and marks of an old campfire. He wrapped himself in bedding, tried his best to warm himself with some limited fire magic, and went to sleep. When he awoke, the sides of the shaft were covered in smooth ice, the top, now resealed with icicles and thicker slopes, offered little comfort to our adventurer. But, from the shadows of the shaft, Jenks, the Skelebones stood, ruby blade in hand, and gave talks of an escape plan. T would have to move from the main corridor, out from the market place, and through the main halls of the decrepit bunker, and so began their trip. Jenks transmuted into a pile of dusk and fell harmlessly to the floor, moving along the ground as Denairio flew above on the ceiling, slowly soaring through into the marketplace guard passages, small, dark, and cramped hallways where warning fires lit the corners of the 300 ft passages. Danario now blood weary after the death of 3 of his comrades, attempted to distract the guard and make his escape, putting out the fire. The guard, now alerted, quickly stuck a torch and yelled a cry of warning, but was then struck down by Jenks. Denairio, now tailed by guards, dashed down the hallway, shooting down icicles from the rough ceiling with his limited time causing a massive cloud of rubble and snow. Using his last Darkness spell slot, he clouded the guards ahead, moving forward into the final hallway. This hallway is the only way in and out of the compound of the cult. A large, brightly lit corridor with 3 guards at the end and 1 of the two remaining head cultists. What will Denairio do, what is the extent of Jenks power, what new adventures will join our band of heroes after such heavy casualties? Find out next time on. THE FROST CAVE Now, the reason this is sad, is one, because of the infighting. It was caused because earlier, the PC’s voted to kill the cultists. T had agreed with an ok system of voting and democracy won out, but the wizard was just not a fan. Micah was a crossing guard, and he hated beans. While the cultists were bad, t were deserving of mercy, of kindness, and should be guilded, not killed. Out voted, he refused to fight but as the cultists were slaughtered, he fought against the party. Only unarmed strikes, no buff, but on an unfortunate nat 1 he shoved a cultist into the centerfire ring and t died, just as the party had selected him to be spared for his knowledge. In character arguing happened as the 2 living cultists escaped and gathered their gaurd, 30 strong. (CR1 but bitches of a CR1 t were, ready action spears against a party of 3rd levels. He just wanted to save the NPC’s but he ended the fight with him and 3 friends dead, marked as a traitor rather than the loving abjuration wizard that he was.

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