How Can I Cancel One of My 3 Sat Subject Tests Which Were Supposed To?

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How can I cancel one of my 3 SAT subject tests which were supposed to be given on the same day?

Is taking 3 humanities SAT subject tests advisable, or should the subjects be diverse? A lot depends on what your intended major is. Also, you need to check the requirements of the schools to which you are applying, because some of them may require certain subject tests, depending on your intended major. For example, back in the early 80s when I was applying, the schools I was looking at tended to want the SAT English subject test, which had an essay component (which was the point of their asking for that particular test - to make sure you can write properly). Now, I happened to be applying to the engineering school. So t did want to see a math test. I believe there were two different levels. I obviously chose the more difficult of the two. And then there was the matter of the language requirement. I wanted to be able to take advanced courses which would demand my having already fulfilled the language requirement - the equivalent of two years of university instruction in the given language. So I chose one of the two languages I was studying in high school. Basically, probably the only thing I would have changed there if I had decided to enter right away as a music major would have been the math test. I probably would have substituted something else for it. Exactly what, would have depended on the choices available. And back in my day, you could in principle make your final choice during the exam, because t just gave you a big booklet with all of them, and then you would take the ones of your choice. You would be timed so that you would get one hour to do each one.

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So you could make your choice and go right to the test center, because the clock would be running. That's pretty much the only thing I would have changed in my entire application process. Now, for the purpose of comparing, I only did these test in college (as a freshman). But for many people, there are other applications that are required, such as the GRE. And it's entirely up to the school to determine whether to charge for an GRE or the SAT (a decision that has to be made as part of the application process). So I could also have chosen to take the SAT after taking the GRE.

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