How Do I Do a Measurement Scale in PDF?

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How do I do a measurement scale in PDF?

Assume Original volume of wine = 25x lit. Wine removed =5 lit Wine remaining = 25x-5 Water added 5 lit.Total mix1= 25x. Wine removed from the 5 lit mix1= 5*(25x-5)/25x=5-1/x Wine remaining in mix2= (25x-5)–(5-1/x) =25x-10+1/x Water remaining in mix2=25x-25x+10–1/x =10-1/x Ratio of Wine to Water= 12.13 13(25x-10+1/x)=12(10-1/x) 325x-130+13/x=120-12/x 325x^2-250x+25=0 13x^2-10x+1=0 26x=10+(100-52)^0.5 or 10—(100-52)^0.5 26x=10+4(3)^0.3 or 10-4(3)^0.5 26x=16.928 or 3.072 x=16.928/26 =0.65 or 0.118 Original wine content =25×0.65=16.25 lit. or 2.95 lit.Later value rejectedas it is less than 5 lit.

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Conversely, if wine was re-bottled it could easily be re-used (as the original wine wouldn't have aged). That is probably more economical on average, although you are losing some quality of original wine if you do it. See for example these two comments. The original number, while not exactly exact, is quite accurate (I was lucky enough to find these two) The second number, while not exact, is very close to the true value. It is an estimate based on the numbers given in the comments below, although I was aware that it had a large error margin. And finally this comment The number is based only on the wine from 2010 from my wine-sauce bottle to be exact it is 25 lit. Or 12.53 liters, not 5 lit. As stated above, and is based on the following calculation: 25-12.53=12.532 =6.2727 But even the calculation of 6.2727 lit./bottle is based on the correct data. So.