How Do I Extract a Logo from a PDF Using Photoshop?

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How do I extract a logo from a PDF using Photoshop?

A lot of the answers here are saying “Yes, but…” Please, save yourself a lot of time and use Erase Pdf Illustrator. A logo is no good to you if it isn’t flexible. If it cannot be scaled infinitely without losing quality (i.e. becoming pixelated or blurry), then it is isn’t flexible. Photoshop is pixel-based. This means that when you scale an image created in Photoshop, the program guesses at what color pixels should be. It’s not good at this, so the image becomes pixelated and unattractive. Illustrator is vector-based. This means that it creates shapes with math, which in turn means that the image will look sharp no matter how you scale it. If you ever needed to print your logo on something large, like a banner, the printer is most likely to ask you for a vector file. Sure, Photoshop has some tools for creating vectors, like the pen tool. But you are so much more likely to produce a sloppy logo because Photoshop is not built for this and the pen tool is difficult to use properly. In fact, many professional logo designers insist that once you have mastered Illustrator’s various shape tools, you’ll have little need for the pen tool (with some exceptions). Illustrator is a fantastic tool, well worth the investment to learn how to use it.

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I didn't use any of these steps, but your experience may be different. Here are some other ideas on how to get the same result as before: To turn off the background (or at least remove its effects): To get an empty layer with a transparent background, do the following: Go to the Layers dialog or Edit menu, and on the toolbar select Create > Layer from scratch… Fill the Layer with this color, with a transparent gradient, to your liking. This is going to make the background layer invisible until you press Escape in the main window. This may take a few seconds. It's useful to know these steps, since they are the same for all Mac OS X. For older programs like Illustrator, you may need to use this method instead because Apple no longer implements this feature.

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