How Do I Extract a Name from a Sentence Using Excel?

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How do I extract a name from a sentence using Excel?

I would have written it in VBA, but this one is without coding (and a little manual work). We are going to create a delimited file with the 3 columns. Open notepad and for the header (in your first line) copy and paste. Date~Id~Value Lets start with some assumptions about the speadsheet data. Column B contains a unique incremental value (Identifier of a line) There are only one value in one of the lines (Column C - H) The line can contain no value like what I see in B3, B5 and B6 Now in column I3 (and copy down till I10) the following formula. =C3&" "&D3&" "&E3&" "&F3&" "&G3&" "&H3 In column J3 (and copy down till J10) the following formula. =IF(LEN(TRIM(I3)) = 0, 0, LEN(I3) - LEN(REPLACE(I3,1,FIND(LEFT(TRIM(I3),1),I3)-1,""))+1) In column A3 (and copy down till A10) the following formula. =IF(J3>0, ""&TEXT(INDEX($C$2.$H$2,1,J3),"dd/mm/yyyy") &"~"&$B3&"~"&INDEX(C3.H3,1,J3), "") Now copy from A3 to A10 and paste it in your notepad…. [You can import it into Excel and use the DATA > Text to Column command to get your data sorted] Hope this helps. - My learning was that there is no LTRIM in Excel but you can use REPLACE(I3,1,FIND(LEFT(TRIM(I3),1),I3)-1,"")) to get the job done .)

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First, if the column “I” contains a numeric value it will be stored as text. In column B the text will be automatically treated as an int, but if in column A there is a numeric value in the row of the column the value will be treated as a decimal. Second, when I was writing C3 to column A3 I made my row look like this. =C3&” “&D3&” “&E3&” “&F3&” “&G3&” “&H3 However, your row could look like this. =C3&” “&D3&” “&E3&” “&F3&” “&G3&” “&H3 Third, you cannot use B3&” “&D3+D3&” “&E3+E3&” “&F3+G3&” “&H3+I3&” “&I3 But when you replace C3 with B3, all of your text will automatically be treated as a numeric value. I am not sure if any of this is important to learn if you are a beginner, but I have been learning this for years, and.

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