How Do I Increase the Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate on My Website?

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How do I increase the visitor-to-lead conversion rate on my website?

Every business is different. However the final goal is the same. Increase ROI!!! When talking about website conversion optimisation there can be multiple factors involved and we could potentially get into a very detailed discussion. However for the sake of this post i have tried to keep it super simple so we can begin a conversation, rather that you read an essay! If you want to talk feel free to connect with me and i would be happy help as much as i can. At Rebelhack (disclaimer. the growth marketing agency i work at!) we appreciate the complexity of things, however often the answer is not as complex as you think. So, as i try to tell my team - KISS - KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE! I would suggest you do the same. There are a couple of steps I suggest following, a few simple questions that can help you make the right decision when it comes to CRO. Define your Goal (KPI) I would start by asking myself 2 simple questions. 1 - What’s a conversion for my business? You might have multiple conversions across the site but there must be one KPI that you want to focus on at this stage. In order to optimise Website conversion I suggest you focus on 1 KPI at a time. It’s pretty much impossible to optimise for multiple at any one time! 2 - What’s the quality of the traffic my marketing activities are currently driving to the site? You might be using multiple channels to drive traffic to the site. Are you driving high intent traffic? Is the traffic likely to positively impact the KPI you decided to focus on? It’s really easy to significantly impact the conversion rate of a site simply by changing the marketing channel mix. So when you have a massive gain in conversion rate, ask yourself if anything has changed at the top of the funnel before you pat yourself on the back! For B2B businesses we can acquire leads and increase sales through the use of lead acquisition forms, phone calls, live chats and much more. At Rebelhack we are big fans of Acquisition forms, landing pages and lead nurture for B2B businesses. This works very well for us and ultimately plays a key part in warming up leads and slowly turning them into Customers (ROI). However, to make sure you’re acquiring more leads you will want to be testing value propositions aggressively, as in B2B the leads you want are those typically searching for the solution to a problem t have. Therefore you want to make sure you position your business as just that, but don’t expect to get there immediately. This could take some months (maybe longer) to get that competitive positioning right. A pro tip here. make sure you do as many interviews as you can with those leads/customers who are loving your product. Try and find out why t find the product useful, what problem t think it solves and how t would describe this to their colleagues and friends. It’s that copy you should be using in your AB testing! Here is a great post from Sean Ellis on this on that same topic - more in detail that i will go into here. It’s worth noting this approach might not work for B2C businesses quite as well. With consumer websites and products you normally have far more traffic which can be used to optimise the website easier/faster (i.e. you hit statistical significance way faster with more traffic). This makes conversion rate optimisation way more important as a process, and means you can fine tune faster. It is about testing your value proposition of course, but from experience this will also be about User Experience testing and really improving the flow - from button copy and positioning to gentle nudges down the sales funnel. You need to test everything! Something i have found out through years of testing is that it’s the order in which you perform your CRO tests, and don’t run CRO tests on top of each other (as this will be multiple variables at any one time which will invalidate all your learnings from all your tests!). 2. Analyse your Website Traffic If you are looking to increase your Website Conversion, you should definitely be focusing on. Improving traffic quality (high intent traffic) Use CRO tools that will help you increase ROI If you can leverage these 2 “activities” well enough, then you will have outstanding results! Analyse your website traffic. You can easily do this on Google Analytics. You will be able to evaluate engagement and traffic quality by the number of pages visited and the time spent on site. Google Analytics is free to use (unless you use the premium version) and it’s amazing. I would place a bet that you are nowhere near saturating it’s capability - you can do a lot with it if you know how! The objective is to define whether your service / product is more likely to convert “early” or “later” within the purchase stage. You can analyse this through the time lag report under the following google analytics tab. Conversions>Multi-Channel Funnel>Time Lag Select the Conversion you want to measure and a long enough data range. You will instantly see when the traffic is more likely to convert. This should also help you understand whether the traffic coming to the site is there to learn more or to “close the deal”. Once you know this you should be pushing into those channels that drive the right ‘type’ of traffic, as this will improve your conversion rate overnight! See an example below. 84.21% of the conversions are happening within the first day of the visit. We can then see 8.33% converting between the 12th and the 30th day. If you are looking to improve or boost the “early” conversions on your site, you might want to consider tools that help you maximise conversions while the visitor is still on your page. This means not letting them off your page without acquiring them in some capacity (either getting them to purchase or lead acquisition as possible). Remember you have cookies to leverage, and you should using these to drive deal based retargeting to get them back to the site fast. There are multiple tools out there, from chat bots to call back widgets. The one I have found recently (and personally love) is the Call Back Widget by ResponseIQ. However the Widget will be the tool for you only if you are looking to get people on the phone. We have found this great for high volume travel and insurance companies for example! To give you a little bit more context on the Widget. it’s a Smart Callback Widget that allows your website visitor to request a call back within only 27 seconds. Being able to close a deal on the spot will help you increase your sales by at least 25%. Response IQ is a great tool that helps businesses increase Website Conversion. Some other brilliant tools we use internally are. CRO testing platform - VWO | The all-in-one Platform that helps you conduct visitor research, build an optimization roadmap and run continuous tests across platforms. Lead acquisition - Mailmunch | Create beautiful lead capture forms to grow your email list. Convert abandoning visitors into subscribers with exit intent and other marketing tools. Get more traffic using your current traffic - Sumo Me | Sumo is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website's traffic. The Sumo tools are easy to install and work on any website.

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