How Do Upload Websites like Google Drive Protect their Data from?

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How do upload websites like Google drive protect their data from being hacked by a malicious file uploaded to their servers?

It’s not likely that Google Drive files will be hacked. I don’t work for Google but I agree with Jeff. Google takes security very seriously. Like every other major cloud service, t encrypt the files when t are in transit and when t are on Google’s servers. What Google does better is preventing unauthorized access to the servers and keeping hackers away from the encryption keys. However, this doesn’t mean your files are safe. If you use Google Docs, here’s a few things you should worry about. A hacker might get your password, impersonate you, and get to your files. If this happens, Google will send you an Email warning that somebody accessed your account from a different computer. To prevent this, use a strong, unique password and turn on 2-factor authentication. You share documents with another person and later regret it. Maybe you shared more files than you intended. Or maybe your BFF became your worst enemy. Once you share a file, you have no control over what the other person will do with shared files. Somebody executes a SIM Swap attack on you. To avoid this, don’t use a cell phone to receive a second factor number. Even better, use a security key as your second factor. You have a choice of Google Authenticator, Google Titan, or Yubi Key. Not many web services offer this level of protection. If you have an Android phone, Google Authentiator is free. Its the deal of a lifetime. Log out of your Google account, or don’t let your device be a trusted device. By default, when you log into your Google account with 2-factor authentication, the device you use is set as a trusted device. The next time you log in with that device, you don’t need to enter the second factor authentication. You can even stay logged in indefinitely. It’s super convenient. Flip on your phone and instantly see your docs. It’s also super convenient for a hacker who finds the phone when it falls out of your pocket. You are doing something illegal. If Google gets a warrant, t will decrypt the files and give them to the police. You decide a specific document needs additional protection. Maybe it’s a list of all your bank websites, portal passwords, and account numbers. (I didn’t say it was a good idea.) Google protection isn’t good enough. You decide to encrypt the file with a password. That’s a smart move, but make sure a hacker doesn’t steal the password. Also make sure you don’t lose the password. If you do, you will never, ever see that file again.

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Google Docs password protection is good. Encrypting your files is bad. Hacking an email is a lot more complicated than hacking a file. When the email server gets hacked, it can contain sensitive data. If Google gets a warrant, t can stop the email, but t can't stop the hacker. If Google gets a warrant, it can remove the password, but it can’t decrypt the document. What this means is that t can give you a decrypted file, but only if the hacker doesn’t get to it first. So, t can give you a good copy of an unencrypted document, but it can’t take this file to the police. As of August 2017, there is one way of encrypting files with a password: With Google Vault, Google’s “end-to-end encryption” service. This allows Google t to keep your files securely encrypted with the password and a public key. When.

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