How Do You Draw Manga?

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How do you draw manga?

Look at an anime picture and study the elements that make it different from real life and what steps t took to get there. try to apply those steps to your own drawing. Do this a lot. eventually you’ll be able to draw anime style very well

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If you have trouble following the steps, please read the rest of this post before you try to draw this character. 1) Make an outline The first step is to draw the character. As with all your drawings you draw from a perspective of the character. If the character is in the middle of a series of buildings, you are going to draw the buildings in the middle. You have the same thing going for manga drawing. Draw the background in the same way. The first step is to draw the character. (The next steps are very similar to drawing manga characters) (Don't worry about it too much until you're confident with drawing characters.) 2) Select the right size and shape The second step is to choose the right size. For anime art it's important to get the right proportions, so start in the middle. Keep the size the same, so it's easy to.