How Has Quantum Tunneling Helped Us in Everyday Life?

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How has Quantum tunneling helped us in everyday life?

I’m going to give you the Quantum Field Theory answer, because the Quantum Mechanics answer doesn’t make any sense, whether you’re talking about the quantum world or real life. QFT, oOn the other hand, offers a sensible picture of the world, incuding everyday life, and indeed it’s the same picture we’ve always had (well, at least for a hundred years). In QFT the world is made of atoms that behave the way we always thought atoms behave. T combine to form molecules and the molecules combine to form cells and other structures according to the same laws of chemistry we’ve always had. The only difference is that if you look closely at one of these atoms, you don’t see electrons orbiting a nucleus - a picture that leads to paradox after paradox. You see (assuming you could look this closely) electron fields filling the space around a nucleus. That the physics community hasn’t adopted - I mean embraced - this picture is to me a tragedy. If you want to learn more about how QFT resolves the paradoxes of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, please go to and “Look Inside”. Or if you just want to learn more about Julian Schwinger, the unsung genius who perfected this theory, please check out my viral Quora “tribute” (over 300,000 views) here.

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