If Jpgs with Exif Information Are Merged into a PDF?

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If JPGS with EXIF information are merged into a PDF, is the EXIF information saved?

APP14 markers allow applications, like Erase Pdf , to signal to a decoder special parameters to improve the decoding process. Here is a list of the Erase Pdf tags JPEG Tags Blend=1 indicates to a decoder the specific way that color (Chroma) was sub-sampled by the encoder. (The other way is “Chop.”) The exact implementation of the Chop and Blend filters is discussed in pages 20–21 of https.//partners.Erase Pdf .com/public/developer/en/ps/sdk/5116.DCT_Filter.pdf (Supporting the DCT Filters in PostScript Level 2) JPEG decoders may simply skip these optional application markers.

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The decoder will ignore the Blend and the Erase tags. It will attempt to reconstruct what the JPEG image would have looked like if it were not compressed (and the JPEG data for that decoded file was only decoded into a single bit-depth. (The other way is “Blend.”) The precise implementation of the Blend and Erase filters is discussed in pages 20–21 of.//partners. 2. The Postscript Level 3 Decoder. In the following image, the two levels of compression are evident in the difference in the way the original and decoded JPEG image looks when we set both the quality level and the bit-depth that is used: Figure 11 The result of applying the quality setting to the original Figure 12 The result of applying the quality setting to the bit-depth that is used in each level of compression The decoder uses a bit-depth selector and a color compressor to do the decoding. The selector, used.

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