If there Was Actual Voter Fraud Perpetrated This Election?

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If there was actual voter fraud perpetrated this election, what would be the procedure?

Yes, Democrats locked out poll watchers in key swing states, and there is no reason to do that unless t have something to hide. That in itself is so impermissible that it puts the burden of proof on them. Now t have to show that that the result t come up with is legitimate, because t could literally be making up anything. T could just be sitting there and fill out ballots, nobody would know. Boxes full of ballots appeared in the middle of the night to tip key swing states, all all by voters who for some reason had no desire to also vote for their Democrat senate candidate. You only find this discrepancy between votes for Biden and votes for the senate candidate in swing states, only by Democrats, and only in notorious corrupt Democrat-run cities. In Pennsylvania t stopped the counting which Trump was leading, which t had no reason to do other than being able to get the signal from the other precincts how many further ballots were needed for Biden to win. And then boxes with precisely that amount of ballots appeared, mysteriously 100.00% for Biden, to tip the count to a light Biden majority. Not a single Trump vote in those boxes for some reason. It is funny that the left-wing media is unanimously certain that there is no need to look into any of this, without having looked into it much. Really? Locking out poll waters is just fine with you? Or is it that you don’t give a crap how much cheating there was, if it means you get to be in power. T carefully the impression that Trump is untrustworthy for four years, precisely because t knew in advance that such an impression in the heads of most people would come in handy when t get accused of cheating. Well, t could only have known t would get accused of cheating because t were planning to cheat. Are you really telling me the left wouldn’t want to get rid of Trump by any means necessary? T would willingly cheat, t have answered so in numerous polls. Yet for some reason you do not conclude t would cheat. The truth is that there were numerous layers of cheating, some of which are at this point no longer detectable, even if the supreme court looks at it fairly. Whether this was enough to change the outcome, I don’t know. But why bother cheating unless it makes a difference? Doing a few fraudulent things when you would have won without it just de-legitimizes the incoming Democrat president. A lot of the semi-legal practices that Democrats instituted are in themselves enough to call the result into question, such as vote harvesting, which means that mail-in ballots get sent to any mailbox in large apartment complexes without any oversight. Now Antifa thugs can go around fishing ballots out of mail boxes and hand them in for Biden. T have been caught doing this. Ballots are in no way checked for legitimacy. Any European country would recoil at the thought of having people vote without having their identity checked. Any tourist or illegal alien can vote in the U.S, as often as t want, because somehow Democrats convinced us that checking ID’s is racist. Europeans certainly wouldn’t assume that all is fine when there are such massive problems, or make fun of someone who wants to look into these issues, just because t like the outcome of a fraudulent election.

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T's reaction in the face of the election fraud in Colorado is to call it the work of Jill Stein and the Green Party, which is pathetically laughable because Jill Stein is no Democrat and the Green Party is in large part a Democratic Party. She is, as one person with some knowledge of these things told me, a typical establishment, Democrat partisan. Yet all these people, both in the US and Europe, were so desperate to get their country back to where it was, so desperate that they had no qualms about the idea of stealing election results (not all of them, but a great deal of this has been documented). They are willing to lie to their own people, to steal elections and to use their own country's citizens as tools to take down anyone or anything that threatens their political control and gain even further political.