I’m Trying to Get a Handle on the ‘quantum Eraser?

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I’m trying to get a handle on the ‘quantum eraser.’ How is that even possible?

In all experiments t use the BBO crystal to generate an entangled pair of photons. Then t use a set of beam splitters / mirrors to “erase” the which-path information on purpose. But the original photons won’t form an interference pattern until we combine it with the information from the other detectors. Could we just use a different setup. The idea is to use the detector itself as the “toggle” of the interference pattern. - emit a single photon X - then place a non intrusive detector behind the slit’s first hole (that will re-emit some signal photon C in case the photon X takes the 1st hole) - the screen S placed after the slit captures the interference pattern Now the setup is the same as in the classical double-slit experiment with a detector. Lets add an eraser. We can either - capture C with a detector (that should give us the which-path information and kill the interference pattern on the screen S) - or pass the signal photon C through a 1/99% mirror and “mix in” another photon Y (casually disconnected) in this case 99 of photons will be random so the interference pattern should be visible, right? I mean by enabling the switch for signal photon C between a detector AND 1/99 mirror we can use it as a control switch to toggle on and off the interference, right? Will it work?

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For example, a “quantum memory” is just really a pair of superposition quantum states (sometimes called “quits”) that can be read as either “1” or “0”. We don't know at the moment what they really store. And, as yet, we have no way to create them from scratch. However, in principle, it might be possible, if we could find a way to make the properties of some other quantum system supposable. This is a lot like the ways other systems that don't have superposability are “compound” — where you can take something like the quantum state for water and make it super phased. So, in a sense, we're just dealing with a “memory” of the superposition of different phases, where the phases are “written” as we see them in some quantum memory. In fact, we have a name for a type of.

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