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In today's scenario, what​ are the top challenges cybersecurity officials face in their work?

This question comes up several times a year, generally from students looking to write a paper on subject so I will reply with the top three for 2021 from a security architect’s perspective. Where we are having problems Insider threats (employees behaving badly, internal theft and misuse are more common than non security folks understand). Lack of security training for both Security (technical) and end-users (email). External threats are typical if not universal to all Internet facing systems. External bad actors, electronic burglars and “hackers” of all stripes constantly probe and attempt to exploit weak protections on Internet facing platforms leading to security analysts developing a certain numbness to responding to being constantly attacked in the form of alert fatigue. Fatigue results in a lessened security posture. We need to rotate the front line troops off alerting to freshen our minds from the mind numbing boredom that comes with doing such work. Problem is this is a very expensive luxury to exact. Proper internal monitoring. The old joke about networks still holds some truth today. Hard and crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside still holds somewhat true. We need even better internal behavior analytics to tell us about things that look out of place from the norms. Where we are not having problems We have fewer problems with old school viruses and the like, having migrated to next generation/non signature based A/V sometime ago. Container based security brings its own problem sets but we are working with our providers to close the gaps, bringing a much more secure computing environment with it. Basically, more eyes, less stress than the typical data centers we grew up with. No getting around it. The cloud is here to stay.

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Business Intelligence. The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) has created the need for businesses to be more proactive in the use of their data. This is an area where companies can learn from each other to make a proactive effort. One of the top challenges for business intelligence providers is the lack of understanding among people how business intelligence services can help businesses. According to the 2017 H2-H2A Intelligence Survey, nearly 70% businesses lack effective business intelligence. The number of businesses adopting HAND is on the upswing. In 2017, the number of people using HAND was estimated to be 8.8 million with an average usage time of 11.5 hours each month. While adoption of HAND was in year-over-year decline, the number of businesses using HAND was up 9%. In 2020, HAND will continue to drive massive growth in the business intelligence space. Cloud. The prevalence of the Cloud continues to rise..