Is It a Good Idea to Store Your Important Data on Ios Devices?

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Is it a good idea to store your important data on iOS devices, so that they will not be attacked by malware like the WannaCry?

In iTunes connect --app analytics you can find info. Where According to App analytics Guide Unitis. Means the number of first time the app purchased (On Appstore using iOS 8 and tvOS 9 or later). App updates,download from the same app id onto other devices and redownloads on same devices are not counted. Family sharing are included from free apps but not for paid apps. So here if you downloaded an app with one app id then you can download same app with same app it in any devices then unit count should only be one. It will not increase until you try with any other App id. Installations. The total number of times your app has been installed on an iOS devices (iOS 8 and tvOS 9 or later). Downloads to multiple devices sharing the same apple id and family sharing are included.App update are not included. So here if you download one app with same apple id five times then installation count should be five. Totals are based on app users who agree to share their data with you. this is the most important thing why we are having installation count are less compare to Units. For make this setting on . Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage, and select Automatically Send and you can also turn on Share With App Developers

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You can even choose to share the app usage data within all applications that you have installed on your devices and share of your app installed in all the applications on those devices. I recommend enabling this setting for all your apps that you do not want to share the data with. It basically uses a one to one mapping mechanism to see if you have already received permission from each user in the App. This may result in unwanted app installation that is already happening. You should check the data in your device that your friends are getting on each iOS device in each of your accounts on iOS or Android device to determine if any users of your apps or profiles are sharing information without you permission and why or how to correct it. If so, or if the request was denied you should remove the app.