Is It Absolutely Necessary for Phd Candidates to Publish High Quality?

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Is it absolutely necessary for PhD candidates to publish high-quality research papers?

Just publishing some papers is not enough to earn a doctorate. Being published, particularly if your papers are scholarly and published in quality academic journals, will help you to gain acceptance into a PhD program. Once there, you will need to take two years of classes that teach you how to conduct high level research. If you have already mastered those skills, these classes will be much easier for you, but you will still need to complete the coursework. Then, in order to earn your doctorate, you will need to complete a dissertation and defend that dissertation. Earning a doctorate is a long process and is not just about publishing papers - although that is a top focus of the coursework - it is really more about becoming a member of the scholarly community, through research and collaboration. Also, in your question you do not make reference to any currently held degrees. While there are instances of people completing PhDs without a master’s degree, in most cases one must hold a master’s degree in order to be accepted to a PhD program. If your research papers are of high quality, and you do not hold a master’s degree, this might be grounds for a department to make an exception. T may be able to accept that the papers prove you are able to contribute at the doctoral level, but there is no guarantee. Good luck in your research.

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Andrew Chan PhD Candidate University of Alberta What are the basic requirements for a Ph.D.? I am just starting out with computer research and will be taking several courses in the coming years to qualify for my Ph.D., but will graduate with degrees in chemistry or chemical engineering. Do I need to earn my degree in computer science or computer engineering to qualify for a Ph.D.? PhD is a very serious program. There are no courses designed for “computer scientists.” The number of students applying for a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering is increasing all the time, so most universities require that applicants with undergraduate degrees in computer science or computer engineering hold a graduate degree of a certain breadth in computer science or computer engineering. To be eligible for a Ph.D., you must hold a master's degree in computer science or computer engineering (CS-EE) or a Ph.D. at a university or.

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