Is It Dangerous to Update Your Computers Bios?

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Is it dangerous to update your computer's bios?

If your using Win10, 1 day, you boot up your computer and it’ll say updating system. I have had that happen to 2 of my computers out of 3.

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If you're running Windows 8, you boot up, you see this. My computer will say update service. If you're running Windows 7, You boot up your computer, you see this. I guess I'm running Windows 7. My computer will tell me the update is already over. But in most cases, this happens when you boot, you'll get this dialog. So this is a known issue, but if it does happen to you, here are a few things to do. (The rest are from other people on Reddit) 1. Go into a command prompt, type: net start mstorboot.exe And hit enter every single she'll window after that. If that doesn't work, you'll need to run your computer under VMWare, you can do this by running the following commands. Startmstorboot -p 6800 startmstorboot -v sysadmin –no-splash 2. In your vcsa.exe, start motorboat. This will start the MOTOR boot manager. If it works, you have successfully updated windows.