Is It Possible to Hypnotize Someone against His Or Her Will?

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Is it possible to hypnotize someone against his or her will?

This wasn't discussed beforehand? Hypnotising someone without their consent is generally considered pretty assholeish behaviour. Taking what basically amounts to blackmail pictures while you're in that state is a crime if it was nonconsensual. Having a talk about this ASAP is important. You two need to figure out your boundaries and she needs to be clearer about when and why she's hypnotising you and what is and isn't okay. Deleting the pictures is also pretty high on the priority list if it makes you uncomfortable.

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You've got a lot of options to help protect yourself. I know, it sounds a bit depressing. But all you really need is some time alone. Do your best to minimize your exposure, and make sure you know how you feel about the situation. It's never a good idea to be too open about what's going on. This might mean being less public about the situation, or it might mean talking to friends and family about what's happened. If you were hypnotized without your consent, and you have some information (a witness, for example) about the situation or have a list of names of people who were present at the hypnotherapy sessions, this is the time for you to call that person. If they don't know how to contact you, be sure to call them and let them know that they need to reach you. Remember, the best.