Is It Possible to Verify Whether Wikileaks Is Releasing Forged?

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Is it possible to verify whether WikiLeaks is releasing forged "emails" from Clinton, or not?

The contents were devastating, showing the inner workings of the party and how the primaries were rigged against Bernie Sanders. The subject of the emails and the timing of their release, as well as some technical clues (the time stamps suggest the emails were downloaded directly from the servers via USB drive, rather than showing the latency that downloading through a network like a hacker attack might show) suggest the culprits were disgruntled “Bernie Bros” seeking revenge on the DNC establishment. The Democrats “culture of entitlement” runs so deep it probably never even occurred to the leadership that anyone in the Party might object to handing the nomination to Hillary. Given t haven’t seemed to have learned the lessons of 2016, their terrible IT security (Debbie Wassermann Schultz allowed what appears to be an ISI hacking team full access to the DNC network even after many questions were being raised about their activities and security clearances) and the possibility that the party is fracturing on “Identity Politics” lines, there is now a good chance that various factions will be leaking all kinds of embarrassing emails and information in an effort to discredit one or more of the multitude of candidates vying for the nomination in 2020. More popcorn, please.

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Wikileaks did receive emails that were leaked from the DNC by someone (not Russia or Vladimir Putin) from within them. But the email was not stolen by Hillary, or her campaign, or the DNC. It was leaked by someone within the DNC. That person is now a dead man. But we should be grateful that Wikileaks didn’t use them to smear the Democrats. But he was no dummy. He knew that the emails were going to get leaked. Wikileaks got nothing. None of these emails was sent from Hillary Clinton, her private email server, her BlackBerry or any other device associated with her campaign. The only email that was sent from her official ( email account to her personal ( server was about her granddaughter being sick, and she wanted her to be taken care of. Wikileaks is a tool of the Russian government. Now, you probably think I'm lying. But.

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