Is It Really True That Hypnosis Cant Make People Change their Sex?

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Is it really true that hypnosis can't make people change their sex preference or do something against their will?

I am not sure this can be done in traditional hypnotherapy, as you have to KNOW how to act as a feminine woman in order to switch to this role. A girl, raised by a feminine mother or any other mother-figure would imitate her mom as a child and it would be natural for her to act this way. Not every female can act as a feminine woman, if t are raised by masculine-acting females in ‘unisex” culture, or t are just tomboys, t might not be very feminine as adults. There is a reason girls from aristocratic families were sent to special schools where t were taught how to walk, talk, act, as ladies in addition to academic subjects. My advice - find an acting coach, and learn how to play a role of a “lady” on a conscious level, as a professional actor would learn how to play female roles. And maybe you can find an old aristocratic lady you can help out financially or by running errands in exchange for teaching you proper MANNERS - etiquette, how to use silverware and set a table, how to respond to compliments etc. Or you can try past life regression and go through your past female lies, if you are a transgender woman - I am sure you had a lot of female lives. It is possible to ‘bring in” a past life personality and merge it with the current personality, it works sometimes. It is a bit risky as you can also take on prejudices, emotions and illnesses of this past life personality, so some clearing needs to be done for them before the merge. It would be an interesting experiment.

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Tara, I love that you found some great hypnotherapy providers in the UK. I know that in my lifetime I have had a few good hypnotherapists but if any of these people do a good job there can be many more. I just want anyone who has been through the process to know that there is hope to start your life over again and find the person you are meant to be with. That is why I want this information shared, and I need your help to have my voice heard. If you do find a therapist or online hypnotherapist I would love to hear from you. If you are from the United States and are not able to find a therapist with a USA registered domain name please feel free to contact me at or visit my e-newsletter that I sent you at I want you to know.