Is there Any Memory Device That Can Ensure the Saved Documents Can?

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Is there any memory device that can ensure the saved documents can never be edited?

It seems like what you're trying to say is you're out of space for installing apps and want to install apps on the SD card. You can do so by going into Settings>Apps and then selecting each app and checking whether it has the option 'Move to SD', if yes, then most part of the app will be moved to SD, but not all apps support it. Other option will be rooting your device, but that's too complicated. But if you want to know, just Google it for your phone. Edit. Samsung Star 5, Throw it in the trash can. And please at least try to search for it on the internet before posting here.

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It's been over 30 days now with 3 of the PCs as one single drive. I haven't had to use ANY of the drives for anything other than OS storage as all have been used as such. I had a PC and 4 USB flash drives on the other end of the dock. One was used as a secondary OS drive and one as the backup drive. They went through a bunch of changes. The USB flash drive was formatted to NTFS. It went into a USB 3.0 formatted 2.5″ SSD so that it could just run as a backup while the other goes into the internal disk. I also went with this approach to keeping space as low and only getting as much stuff as I know I REALLY NEED as often as possible. I only took the 1 backup drive for a year or so that should be.