the Double Slit Experiment Proved That Direct Observation Altered?

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The double slit experiment proved that direct observation altered results. What would happen if the sensors recorded results but the results weren't accessible by humans? For example, what if a computer put an impossible password on the results?

The single slit, double slit and any number of slits have perfect, extremely accurate and always correct answers using the good old Maxwell equations-written and never had the slightest modification since the days of Maxwell. You don’t need to do any more experiments… just solve these equations and find the correct and accurate answer. Then what is all the fuss about. It is when you try to explain things using the new, still growing (and promising) science of quantum mechanics- where you need to rethink the answers, using just the postulates of quantum mechanics like; the superposition of states, the uncertainty principle and the operators and wave function concepts. This is not to be taken as thinking less of QM, and I have in other relevant answers stated clearly why it is essential for modern science. The reason people appeared to have lost faith in Maxwell was the few wrongly interpreted experiments- the so called purely quantum mechanical effects, and two of them are the interference of electrons, and the photographic plate proof of the existence of photons. For both of these and many more of such cases, it can be shown that t all have classical mechanical counterparts, and an easy one at that. So Maxwell equations remain correct, classical mechanics is well and kicking, and remains the father of them all. The ideas of quantization, energy and momentum conservation and all the other conservation and symmetry arguments used in QM are all originated in classical mechanics. Should we wonder then that the two mechanics gave exactly the same answers for exactly the same problem- naturally not. To find the answer to any slit experiment, just visit any good book on electromagnetism and you find the answer that can never be proved wrong by QM arguments or otherwise. QM must give the same answer, and it normally does- after careful thinking of the interpretations. If anyone cares for further explanations on any of my claims, just write it in the comments below, and I would be more than obliged to give it.

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I do, however, take issue with your statement regarding quantum effects. You say “Quantum effects… are as real as gravity- a physical fact in their own right”. I see absolutely no mention of the fact that at quantum scale there are no particles- this is a mathematical impossibility. What quantum effects are not something that is proven with absolute certainty, at some point we will have no way to prove that there are no particles in the Universe, but we do know from our studies of the quantum nature that this cannot be the case either. In fact, we have seen from the experiments with QM that the probability of finding anything within the space of an electron is vanishing small when you move to the quantum scale. Thus, any claim that quantum effects can be used “as a fact” about the universe is simply incorrect. I hope.