Was There Any Ancient Civilisation In Africa?

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Was there any ancient civilisation in Africa (like say Romans)? If not what are the reasons that such a huge land did not develop a great civilisation.

Egypt North Africa is considered the cradle of human civilization. Whatever civilization that existed was alleged to be wiped out by Alexander the great during his invasion of Egypt. That was how the civilization and the knowledge in the ancient Egyptian universities were transfered to greece the both place of Aristotle the Tutor to Alexander the great. The above story above has nothing to do with our present predicament. At the turn of the 16th century when Africa 1st had contact with Europe, European nations were mercantilist in search of the surplus goods that the industrial revolution brought… The money economy was fully developed and factories were already existent. in contrast, The african economy was a subsistence traditional economy that had no idea of money. Money was inform of cowries and elephants tusk and good. Europe started with slave trade and Africa lost more than one third of its able bodied population. Africa trade in slave came the trade in commodity like cocoa, cotton, gold, coal, palm oil etc. People produced for foreign industries who used these raw material in their industries to produce goods which t exported backed to the Africans to buy at high price. This was how Africa's culture of dependence on foreign import started. Africans learnt nothing from their colonial masters, from the area of governance to the area of proper education. Africa is still following neo liberal economic policies that leave her at the mercy of western economies. We produce the cocoa but can hardly make chocolate… We have huge deposits of crude oil but were are the highest importer of petroleum products etc. Forget about the people showing you the beautiful skylines of several capital cities, those structures are not the results of the creative energy of we Africans. Julius never,ICC,IDC,Arab contractors, China civil construction coy etc are doing these works without transferring any knowledge to us. Any development that is infrastructure centered is not sustainable; development must be human centered, citizens must Learn how to manage their environment… That is development. We must measure development by the quality of life of ordinary people not skyscrapers in capital cities. Back yo your question, why the under development? The answer is Political Leadership… You can not separate politics from the economy. Since independence my country Nigeria has encountered, up six military coup d’tat and one civil war. What Africa needs is a knowledgeable and skilled population. Int'l aid is only enriching the political leaders. We keep losing our best Brains to the west yearly due to the fact that the environment does not support and give people the opportunity to grow. What we need is stable political atmosphere that will foster economics development and human development.

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We have a plethora of archaeological evidence from all over the world that directly contradicts this belief. A case in point is evidence found in Egypt that proves that there were no cities in Egypt prior to 300BC and the Pyramids had yet to be built. Another is the discovery of ancient Egyptian records that document an Egyptian leader known as Ra messes III was a warlord who only ruled Egypt for 30 years, during which Egypt was ravaged by war. A third is the fact that many of the African kingdoms did not remain united for that long. The Kingdom of Kush (Egypt) did not exist for more than 1,000 years before collapsing. Kush was one of the original kingdoms of Africa (previously known as Egypt). King Dweeb and his son King Arthrosis II lived in Kush for around 60 years together and then the kingdom was split between.

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