Were Bantus Indigenous to Somalia?

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Were Bantus indigenous to Somalia?

Hello Giannis I am OP, I am not speaking about Habeshas (exclusively), but Horn Africans/Ethiopia in general, Somalis are a minority in the Horn of Africa. People saying that Muslims in Ethiopia are mostly Somalis, which is a demonstrably false statement, and offensive one. Somalis in Ethiopia are only 5–7 million max, while the Muslims (of any group) is about 35–45 million. “while Habesha people are just another group in a country of 100 million people that speak different languages” That is false, Ethiopia indeed has 80 different peoples, but 90% of the population belong to 4 or 3 dominate ethnic groups (Oromo, Amhara, Gurage, Afar etc..), while the rest 76 different ethnic groups are only 10% of the population. So no, habeshas are not just one of 100 million people speak different languages t are the dominant group along with Oromos, by numbers

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It has more people than France and that fact alone makes that statement false. When people claim that Ethiopia is the most dangerous place for a Somalis there is a lot of ignorance but also bias on both sides, because of all of Ethiopia and Somalia's wars and conflicts the main reason why Somali men join the army and become soldiers is to go back to their homes again, after being exposed to all the dangers of war, they feel that it is their duty as a soldier to protect their families and family members, and they believe the “good guys” would never do that, and therefore Somalis join the army and become soldiers because they have a feeling that it is their duty to protect their families and family members. What I see is a very specific, and complex, situation which is why I am addressing it.