What Are Some Ways to Free Space in An Android Mobile Other Than?

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What are some ways to free space in an Android mobile other than clearing cache?

Hi, This is the data any temporary files used by the app. These files can be uploaded from the app itself or downloaded from the apps server. For example a weather app will upload symbols for the weather conditions but will also download the actual weather conditions. This data is stored so if you open another app and flick back to the weather app it will still show all the relevant information. Android manages this data quite effectively so unless you are running out of internal memory you shouldn't need to clear this data. Though if certain apps are crashing or the OS is freezing/lagging then it may be that the app data stored is corrupted. In which case you should clear that apps cache. You can also clear every apps cache, open Settings - Storage - Clear Cached Data. You may also hear about the System Cache, this is the temporary files used by the Android OS. Peace ✌

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The only reason that this error shows up is that Android does not know what an application is calling the close method. When you exit apps on Android this is automatically taken care of. There is no other way that the process will run out of memory which is why it takes almost no long to find the cause and rectify it because even after a crash android is able to fix the problem. garbage collection” when an application is killed” when an application is uninstalled” when you remove an application from the system” These are the two steps that Android checks to identify the reason why the system is running out of memory. If the system starts to run out of memory because of these two steps then all applications are terminated.