What Are Some Ways to Repair An Ikea Cabinet Door?

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What are some ways to repair an Ikea cabinet door?

The other answers skip an important point and that is materials. Ikea cabinets are made from particle board and thin MDF for backs. If your sink or garbage disposal has a leak, or your dishwasher overflows, or your toilet or shower leaks water onto the floor, any part of them that gets wet and does not immediately (within like 10 minutes) get dried out, water will penetrate into the core of these materials via their joinery or shelf pin holes, or the bottom of the toekicks or sidepanels, and delaminate. If that happens it is a NON-SERVICEABLE repair and you are stuck with the damage forever or until you remove and change the particular cabinet. This is not very easy when you have everything assembled and installed. The kicker is that the most possible time period t will be exposed to the most risk of getting wet is when the sinks, faucets, drains, and any other water containing construction procedure is being performed. This goes for cheaply made ready made cabinets as well. So be totally aware and careful about this. The tradeoff is cheaper money and extreme care during construction. Plywood or solid wood can get wet and dry out several times before any considerable damage occurs. T can stay wet all night, and dry out and be ok (up to a point of course) but it only takes ONE TIME to ruin an IKEA or other particleboard or wrapped MDF cabinet part. Would you buy a car that would get ruined after one or two flat tires? Kitchen and bathroom cabinets WILL at some point in their life get wet. Look at the sides of not-so-old cheap bathroom vanities right next to the toilet. Always lumpy and gross from overspray. Especially if you have young boys.

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Look up YouTube and see videos of people who have been “brought in” for this condition and get their cabinets ripped out. It is very, very cheap repair work unless you have a good, solid contractor. IKEA and similar cabinets are all particle board. Even “lumber” type cabinets are made from this type of construction material. IKEA built a few kitchen cabinets after my first one was ruined, but the ones with the worst problems are those with the thin MDF cabinets. I have not seen IKEA's cabinets with any of their other construction materials. And to the point of this blog post… In terms of the “repair price” of replacing damaged IKEA cabinets, it may very well cost you more money than the original cost of the “disaster.” However, I will not be sure about that. I have a feeling that this may have something to do.

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