What Are the Bare Necessities Required to Play Dungeons And Dragons?

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What are the bare necessities required to play Dungeons And Dragons?

Absolutely!! Our gaming group (6 players) has ages ranging from late 30’s to mid 50’s (and occasionally, my 9 year old joins us for an occasional game). D&D (in all versions) is a game for any and all ages (unless you have forgotten how to imagine and have a good time). A benefit of having mature players and DM’s, is you can incorporate difficult themes in the games (ie. Good as an antagonist, negotiating in good faith with traditional foes - like orcs, sensuality and sexual relations, etc.) I once played a character who was a Tantrist/Egoist, and because she could only regain her spells through sex, she was also a professional prostitute. At the same time, she was in a relationship with the party’s dwarf who “serviced” her while on the road. She also twice (using her diplomatic negotiating skills) talked us out of BIG trouble by posing as a wine merchant (she happened to have one expensive bottle of wine in her pack). That turned into a lucrative official business which got us in and out of ridiculous areas. (We made trade deals with an Ursine village, an Orc citadel, and a Drow city; and not only made it out without a fight, but she got extremely rare vintages from each which sold for a fortune!)

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There's nothing wrong in playing a character based around the 'old' way you used to play the game… but if you're a 'modern' DM, then you should find new ways to challenge your players. As for the rules — there is lots of wiggle room, which keeps the game accessible. This is all well and good, and I hope that it works for you.

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