What Are the Pros And Cons of Editing a Piece of Writing on Paper?

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What are the pros and cons of editing a piece of writing on paper versus on the computer?

This is an excellent question! Here is the best path I know of to prevent ‘over-creation’ and editing over-kill. Make a ladder of goals. I’ll share mine. Rough Draft - Write the entire novel from beginning to end. Do not rewrite any of it unless it’s plot critical. You know, like killing off a character, then deciding not to kill him off, that kind of critical. Galley Copy - This is the writer’s self editing phase. Do -not- beat yourself up for missing mistakes here. Seeing your own mistakes, grammar foibles and the such is blindingly hard because you created it. This is why it’s super easy to edit other’s work, and not so easy to edit your own. Edit your work only one time here, from front to back. Beta Reader Time - If you do not have Beta Readers, recruit about five. Do not let them be family, close friends or people who will tell you things you want to hear. Google up ‘Beta Readers’ to find all the nifty forums where t hang out. Most don’t charge money and just want credit at the back of your novel. Those who do shouldn’t charge more than ten bucks, seriously. T are reading to see if the story is enjoyable, if there are stopping points, but t are not editors. Sometimes t will point out a typo, but it’s not their job to do that, so don’t expect it. Edit based on Beta Reader Feedback. Professional Editor Time. Hire an editor that looks for grammar, tense, terminology and sentence structure issues. This costs money, but it’s worth every penny as long as you’re using a well established editor, one you’ve vetted with successful novels under their belt. Do not be hasty in hiring one. Some have some big price differences, based on their workload. One could be lower priced because t are in between job, and another could be high priced because t have a backlog of books to edit. So look well and verify carefully their previous jobs. Any editor worth their salt will have references available for you. Final Re-Write. Fix everything you can that the editor suggested. Final Beta Read. The original beta readers should get a copy, and t should be expecting it. Wait for their feedback, and compare the two responses. Fix anything you agree with them here.* Now it’s time to publish, for good or worse. It’s at this point that you let the readers vote on your work with their dollars. *If you’re wondering about the asterisk in number seven, this is where I explain this a bit better. Beta Readers, as I’ve said before, are not editors. T read for you to see if what you produced is enjoyable. Consider them like a product focus group. If t like it, chances are high others will too. If t don’t like it, t will tell you why. But you must keep that within your perception of the story. Let me explain… Say you write in the favorite dog is killed in chapter seven. The beta readers all report that made them upset. Later on, when the owner gets revenge, the readers say t felt the hurrah moment when that happened. This is what you intended, the direction you wanted, so it shouldn’t be changed. BUT… and I use this carefully, if you didn’t intend that emotional ride for your readers, then by all means, unkill the dog and give the owner a different motive for destroying one of the bad guys. Any re-writing after step six shouldn’t really happen in large amounts. Fix a minor plot hole, sure. Re-write five chapters just because it feels like it needs it, no, don’t do it. When you’ve got Beta Readers who enjoy those parts, why fix what’s not broken? Here is an example… one of my interactions on my wordpress site with a Dutch Beta Reader about four years ago. She has Beta Read for me before, and is a true gem. English is a second language for her, and so her input, since I have a lot of readers in the EU, is valuable to me. You can read the history of our working together here. Beta Page for Darya the Pirate – Done There you have it. I hope I’ve helped you find a template that won’t let you over-kill your own writing and provided an example of what an excellent Beta Reader can help you with. Good luck out there.

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It's not the writing that's doing the work; it's the words. My favorite music is by people who have a great appreciation for their craft. This is something I see all the time in a lot of music. I also don't have a great appreciation for my own writing, but that's not because I'm lazy. Just don't know what to do with it. When I was first starting out, everything was too hard: a guitar, a drum kit, a pedal set, drums — everything. When your first album comes out, you're kind of like, “Wow, what a big deal this is. There are so many people out there who write music and nothing really matters to them. It's a very personal thing, not to say it doesn't require work on some level. What I've realized from all this is that the most gratifying kind of writing experience can be.