What Are the Things That You Can Do on Macbook That You Cant Do On?

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What are the things that you can do on Macbook that you can't do on your PC/Windows?

MacBooks have the some of the best hardware you'll find on any laptop. The display on a MacBook is bright enough for outdoor use, incredibly sharp for its size, and is pretty color accurate (maybe not 100 on both RGB and sRGB, but definitely high up there). Perfect for video editing and Photoshop. The speakers face the user, which is automatically a big plus. T also have been tweaked and tuned for punchy, vibrant sound. T get loud as well, keeping that clarity for the most part. MacBook trackpads are huge, and incredibly useful. T feel great, and t work excellently. The build quality is, of course, top notch (no pun intended). That's what you expect from Apple. As far as software goes, that's where the Mac falls short. Everything you can do on the MacBook and more can be done on Windows. Gaming? Windows. That's not to say the MacBook can't game or edit videos, but you're stuck with the specs you buy. Windows can be bought separately from your computer if you build a desktop, and the components you can get are incredibly powerful. But this is about Windows laptops, which can also come with pretty powerful specs, in a small form factor. If you use programs that are available to both Windows and MacOS, then Windows will be a better experience simply because you aren't locked to possibly weak hardware. People do love MacBooks for things like Logic Pro though, props to Apple for creating great proprietary software for creators.

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Here are some Windows apps you might be able to use on OS X, if you're really hardcore. 3ds Max for 3D modeling, art, compositing, and more. Photoshop for photo editing. (This can be used for photo editing anywhere, but OS X doesn't have Photoshop for photo editing.) BMC for media streaming. (It is possible to stream video using this software from OS X.) OpenS hot for video editing. (Can be used to edit movie files from the web.) Audacity for audio (and maybe music) editing. (It is also possible to use audio editing apps like Final Cut and the like.) If you want to get an application that doesn't seem to be a native Linux application, you can make this work using OS X's Terminal. There are many tutorials around the internet for how to do this.

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