What Do Classroom Performance Systems And Virtual Learning?

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What do classroom performance systems and virtual learning environments facilitate?

From what I know about this topic, the virtual classroom and virtual lab are not one and the same. WizIQ is a popular virtual classroom solution but it does not appear that it would integrate seamlessly with a virtual lab - I have only seen one company - Visilearn http.//visilearn.com/content/virtual-labs - that seems to provide an "out of the box" solution (obviously there would be some configuration involved in setting up the virtual lab - you would have to load a master copy of software and data to the server). Otherwise, it appears most enterprises build their own out of VM Ware, Hyper-V, Xen from Citrix or Apache VCL - It would be up to you to integrate the virtual lab with a virtual classroom.

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The LMS can also come with a “premium” feature, but I was too scared to go with that. I'm not sure why, but I was afraid that the premium version would be better, because the software is designed for more advanced learners. In my experience, my online classes were better than class in person (the classroom environment). I didn't feel the need to go to a classroom — students are on their own anyway, and they learned a lot more while being isolated from all distractions; plus I was so focused on them that I did not have time to prepare lectures. I feel very comfortable with the online environment for a few reasons. I don't feel intimidated by it — all an LMS does is give you a computer with a screen, a keyboard, and a monitor. IFAQuestion is not intuitive, they don't come..