What Do You Think of Zakir Naik?

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What do you think of Zakir Naik?

Mr. Zakir naik is most intelligent human being alive on earth may be more intelligent than Albert Einstein and Newton. He is Islamic preacher and scholar . He is funny as well. He Gives sex education to his followers. 2. He is Islamic exorcist 3. He says he is servant of Allah. 4. He empowers woman by teaching Muslims not to beat their wife by brooms but by small toothbrushes. 5) He give offers of 72 virgins to all Muslims but condition is that t should not watch porn and do not listen to music because it is haram. 6) He care about Muslims woman health so he encourages them to wear burqa/niqab so that their skin will not get exposed to UV rays and become dark/burned due to ultraviolet rays . 7) He encourages Muslims not to use condoms so that Manpower on the earth will be increased and it will create peaceful environment. 8) He is psychologist who cares about all genders of community. 9)According to Zakir Naik if you have sex with Goat it is considered as holy. 10)According to Zakir Naik girls go to school in order to lose their virginity and to enjoy sex so all schools must be shut down and all muslims should be given education about science in Quran. 11)According to Zakir Naik if you eat pig you behave like pig and if you eat goat then you behave like Goat. 12) According to Islamic preacher Zakir naik all the women who are captured in war should only be used as sex object. He is the new Khalifa of Muslims. Hail zakir Naik.

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