What Is the Best Admissible Evidence That Any Election Fraud Was?

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What is the best admissible evidence that any election fraud was committed in 2020?

I’ll be straight with you - the Democrats cheated and stole this election. That’s just what happened. I’m not going all sour grapes over it - Biden will be the new President, and while I will complain about it, I will accept it. The Democrats won this round, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I won’t be rioting, protesting, or claiming that he’s “not my President.” He will be my President, and sincerely hope that everything goes well for the country while he is in office. As for “evidence,” there is a reason that the Democrats demanded nationwide mail-in voting. because without consulting every single voter in the country, it is extremely difficult to prove fraud associated with mail-in voting. T have over 200 affidavits from eye-witnesses alleging irregularities and outright fraud, but what good is that going to do? T don’t have specific names, and once the ballots have been removed from the outer envelop and counted, there is no way to prove any of it. Throughout 2020, Biden failed to draw more than a few dozen people to any single rally. He barely campaigned, refused to do interviews with the press, only took scripted questions, spent no more than ten minutes on any stage, and performed dismally in the second debate. His VP pick failed to gain more than 6% support in her own district during the primaries. When Biden arrived in Arizona a few weeks before the election, not single person showed up to his rally. Meanwhile, Trump had a caravan 26 miles long following him around the country. His worst rally drew around 17,000 people, and that was only because internet trolls reserved thousands of seats to suppress the turnout (the media later falsely claimed that there were only 6,000 attendees, which is still more than Biden’s largest pre-COVID rally). Within days of Biden’s Arizona flop, Trump arrived in the same state to tens of thousands of cheering supporters. On the day of the election, Trump received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history, blowing away Obama’s 2008 record by nearly 8 million votes. He received more votes from African Americans and Hispanics than any other Republican in history, and he captured a percentage of the electorate that rivalled Ronald Reagan’s historic 1980 landslide victory. Trump held a comfortable lead over Biden in both mail-in ballots and in-person voting, and any other candidate would have conceded the election before midnight. Around 10.30 PM, vote counters in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania announced that t were through counting for the night, and monitors slowly filtered out of the room and returned to their homes and hotel rooms. Then, around 3 AM, vote counters in five key battle ground states suddenly resumed counting and processed hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots marked exclusively for Joe Biden. Over half a million of those ballots contained no down-ballot voting. In only those key districts, voter turnout skyrocketed above the national average to levels only seen in countries where not voting carries a prison sentence. The number of rejected ballots plummeted to historic lows. The number of Biden votes in each of these districts was just enough for Biden to catch up to Trump and pass him by a slight margin. Sworn affidavits allege that vote counters were randomly assigning anonymous ballots to registered voters, “curing” votes by adding address information to the envelopes, counting votes without verifying signatures, filling out empty ballots and adding them to the piles, and back-dating ballots that had been mailed after the deadline, etc. None of that leaves any direct evidence other than eye-witness testimony. None of it can be detected in a recount. Even if the ballots are individually inspected, there is no way to compare the signatures, since the outer envelopes have been discarded. Even if you contacted every single voter individually, voter secrecy laws would prevent you from verifying who t voted for. When Republican monitors showed up the next morning, t were prohibited from observing the vote counts in these same districts on Wednesday. In some places t were locked out of the building; in some places t were forced to stand thirty feet away; in some places t were allowed to watch through glass windows, but vote counters put poster board over the windows. By the end of it all, Biden turned out to be one of the most popular presidential candidates in US history. More popular than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, or Ronald Reagan. Joe Biden was more popular than John F. Kennedy. Joe Biden was captured a larger share of the electorate than Franklin D. Roosevelt - the guy who was so popular that t had to amend the constitution to prevent him from becoming President for Life. If 1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt was running against Joe Biden in 2020, Biden would have beat him by around 4% of the electorate. Now, you could argue that all of those people were voting against Trump and not for Biden; i.e. Biden was more popular than almost every other candidate in history because people hated Trump so much. Except that Trump received more votes than any other candidate in history as well. We have an election where both candidates would have won in a landslide against most presidential candidates in the last century. The only difference is that the Trump campaign was backed by massive rallies with tends of thousands of rabid fans, while Joe Biden sat around in an empty parking lot listening to crickets. And the real elephant in the room is that Biden only set these unprecedented records in the key districts of the key battleground states that he needed to win. Even comparing similar cities, side-by-side, in the same part of the country, we see one city in a battleground state where voter turnout tops 90% and Biden wins by landslide in mail-in votes, while right next door, voter turnout is in the low 70% range, mail-in ballots line up with in-person ballots, and Trump won by a comfortable margin. Even when comparing districts in the same state, we see these disparities between the districts that Biden needed to take the state and the districts that Biden didn’t need. The numbers just don’t add up. Biden certainly didn’t have a direct hand in any of this, but no rational person can deny that boots-on-the-ground Democrat activists stole the election. And we have a solid eight months of proof that Democrat activists have no qualms about vandalism, random acts of violence, setting fire to buildings, etc. You think those guys wouldn’t try to forge ballots? Of course t would. If you look at the pamphlets that t distribute in third-world countries to help voters detect voter fraud, this election checks every box (except an increase in rejected ballots). From Vote rigging. How to spot the tell-tale signs - BBC News. You never get a 98% or 99% turnout in an honest election. You just don't. Voting is compulsory in Gabon, but it is not enforced; even in Australia where it is enforced, where you can vote by post or online and can be fined for not voting, turnout only reaches 90-95%. The main reason that a full turnout is practically impossible is that electoral registers, even if t are recently compiled, can rarely be 100% up-to-date. Voter turnout in key pro-Biden districts topped 93%. Even where the turnout is within the bounds of possibility, if the figure is wildly different from the turnout elsewhere, it serves as a warning. Why would one particular area, or one individual polling station, have a 90% turnout, while most other areas register less than 70%? Something strange is almost certainly going on, especially if the high turnout is an area which favours one particular candidate or party over another. That is precisely what happened in our 2020 election. Even the approximate percentages are accurate, with mysterious, early-morning pro-Biden waves showing over 90% voter turnout compared to a national average closer to 70%. I mean, come on.

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