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What is the best drawing course/YouTube channel/book to learn how to draw for beginners (preferably for a course made so that I utilize an iPad/Apple Pencil)? A real-life tutor is not an option (maybe an online tutor at best).

How to draw is simple. you pick up a pencil or a pen and draw lines on a piece of paper, with a finger in the sand, with paint on a wall. The most important part of drawing is to tell a story, open your heart and mind. Having a superb technique helps. You can be gifted or be trained with many years of practise. But, to tell your story is the most important part. Without a story drawings are dull, uninteresting even with the best techniques possible. Don't be scared away from the paper. Enjoy the moment. Drawing is the only art I can image that anyone can do regardless of background, natural gifts or trained techniques. You need to enjoy this process. If you just want to be a copycat and want to be that favorite artist, .. you can't ... drawing is very personal.

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Don't limit it. It is about the heart, soul and mind. The moment when you make a line, a smile starts to form. It is fun! It doesn't matter what you are drawing or the size, scale or color, just enjoy and enjoy each moment and each piece you create. Withdraw back to the world and the real world. Don't focus completely on your drawings, or you may miss the moment. There is a place in the world which we all need. Draw it ... It is something you can always draw and draw often. It won't matter how ugly or complicated your drawing may be or how bad, bad it has been, it is what you want to do, what you wish you could do, and you can do it well. Enjoy your drawing and learn to enjoy the moment. This is the journey of a lifetime. Thank.