What Is the Best Way to Maintain Knowledge?

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What is the best way to maintain knowledge/goals over time in a high turnover organization?

It really doesn’t matter much the area of expertise……Being organized or not sometimes is not connected with how creative, smart or good you are. I love the real life example that Albert Einstein offer us—-he was bullied when kid—some of his teachers believed he was not that good at math—or maybe he was. He was not an organized person. Just look at his hair! Yet—we all know his contributions to the world… Being an organized person is just one of their traits— you still have to develop many others in order to become a better employee. I do recall a lady that used to work for me when I was a manager. She was very smart and quite well organized at work—but it was impossible to know if she was going to show up to work. Eventually he was let go—her inability to be at work at her scheduled time was a problem. A serious problem.

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We could go for many more examples of how not being organized causes problems —but I doubt you will find many people who can compare it with Albert Einstein. The one who did show that there can be benefits in being very organized. But first note that he himself was not organized. He told this in his autobiography when he was very young. This quote was first taken from this quote, which is a good overview of his life—but he also had other quotes such as how he loved to talk to other people. I would argue that it was his natural ability to be highly organized, that kept him on top for many years. Now compare that to his autobiography: Life was my enemy. It didn't matter whether it was the heat of summer or the cold of winter I was forced, daily, to face my life in the way that is most comfortable to me..