What Is The Significance Of The Triple Slit Experiment Of Quantum?

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What is the significance of the Triple-Slit experiment of Quantum Mechanics by Dr. Urbasi Sinha, post-doctoral student?

Badly phrased question Let's set up the DSE (Double Slit Experiment). Get a wall. Cut two slits (double slit). Put a detector at the other side. Shine a torch at the double slit. You get an interference pattern. This is what you get when a wave interferes with itself. Makes sense. But wait! What if you fire one photon at a time though the double slit? After a lot of fires, you still get an interference pattern. The only way for this to work is if the one photon passes through the two slits as a wave of probability of location, interferes with itself, thus producing an interference pattern. You can do this with electrons or any other particle, even atoms and molecules. It doesn't work with people/stuff you can see because as something's wavelength decreases, it behaves more and more like a particle. de Bruoglie wavelength is found by λ_dB=h/2π×p where h is planks constant and p is momentum (mass × velocity or Energy / speed of light). The “failier” you talk of is that if you put a detector before or after the double slit to on one of the slits to prove the particles act as waves, their “waviness”, called a wave function, “collapses” into a particle and you only detect it going though one slit and you no longer get an interference pattern. Please comment if you are confused

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The Double Slit Experiment is a classic experiment and is of primary importance in the development of quantum physics” that has yet to be verified scientifically.  A brief explanation of the double slit experiment can be read here. If you wish to read more on the subject please visit the pages here and here. You can also hear a brief audio version of the Double Slit Experiment by clicking here. If you wish to keep tabs on my blog or if you would like to contact me about this blog you may do so by clicking the button below, or you can contact me by clicking the icon at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. (1) Thomas Young. ’ An Account of the Double Slit Experiment.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. 1788 [1887]. p. 1147. (2) Richard Feynman ‫On the Fundamental Laws of the Universe and On Probability‬.

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