What Was Your Neet Preparation Story?

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What was your NEET preparation story?

My entire NEET journey !!! Well it was a checkered one. Back in class 8 I had this thing very clear in my mind that I'll pursue medicine and nothing else.Reason being I was bored of seeing engineers and chartered accountants in my family and wanted to do something different.So, next two years just passed away with that decision.I never prepared for medical entrances in this duration. When I moved to class 10, I met one 11th moving girl through an acquaintance opting for biology.I took it as an opportunity to get an insight how to prepare.And she started bragging that for getting successful one must get enrolled in a good coaching and she has joined Aakash Raipur to prepare for medical entrances. Being an ignorant kid at that time, I believed her (more due to all that tempting paper ads).Later that year I gave ANTHE but couldn't fare better with rank of 4k. I kept that aside and prepared for boards. After securing 93.6%,I was happy. Then came time for subject selection.Let me tell you most of my relatives and even my mother asked not to opt for biology as she held an opinion that one need to study as much as 18 hours per day to clear entrance exams !!! But I was adamant and ably supported by my father. It was proposed to send me to Aakash institute but when t found it was 5 km away from our place idea was dropped. So I was asked to join local tuition which I denied.On this my mom said “ since you have opted bio on your own wish,study it on your own and crack the exam”. No more words…challenge accepted. However I joined a local tuition for physics and chem, and depended on myself for biology.Things were going easy but then one incident shook me to the core. October 2015, my father passed away ,owing to brain haemmorhage.I was shattered,I literally forgot my ambition, my dream,because most supportive person in my life left me alone on with a long journey ahead. Somehow I came back to studies after few months, purely focussing school exams but not that bright as I once used to be. After class 11 annuals,I sat and determined that I won't succumb and stand again to fulfill my dream. My physics teacher and my mother were my constant motivators. Then came class 12,I again started focussing on competitive rather than boards.I renounced everything except studies.I left social platforms,hangouts,parties and all sorts of enjoyment. I was desperate to prove my worthless self. Enroute my journey, I committed few errors. I IGNORED NCERT COMPLETELY in class 12 (I was from ISC and despite knowing its value I committed this mistake) and focussed more on other books I was more in rat race rather than preparing myself better. I wanted to excel at both at boards and NEET 2017.Let me tell you I read NCERT only in last month for neet. Finally NEET took place and after exams I was quite confident that I'll make it through state quota.In the meanwhile my boards result declared and I could score only 86%, far below my expectations.A month later NEET results declared and I got 441 marks with AIR 53615.I was disheartened, but somehow hoped to get an MBBS seat somewhere in my state, but alas ,could get only BDS. Decided to take drop and joined a test series for regular assessment. Now it was the time to rectify those mistakes which I committed during my first attempt preparation.I rectified certain mistakes like Focussed more on NCERT textbooks rather than other Authors Gave all tests seriously,whether major or minor.While in 2017 I barely gave a single NEET pattern test. Focussed more on question solving rather than practicing theory Gave almost equal importance to all subjects. In first attempt, I gave more importance to biology and completely neglected physics Solved previous year papers which helped me a lot I again left all social medias,and went to social isolation away from my friends to prevent distraction. Now came D-Day, NEET 2018.I fared better that day, I was more confident and after paper I was expecting a good score.Finally when result came out, it was joy.I scored 538 with AIR 10143. Then came the wait of counseling, I was impatient. At my rank I could have easily got BDS in BHU, but I decided to wait for state quota and then came the most joyous day of my life i.e. 30 June 2018, I was finally alloted a seat in best college in my state Pt.JNM Medical College ,Raipur So,It was my complete NEET journey,with frequent lows and and an ultimate high.I am happy to join a reputed college and that too in my hometown.After all,I won't feel homesick and more importantly won't miss the home food,which is every hosteler's desire .p. Peace !!!

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So, a shoutout to everyone who was involved in planning MEET, and a big shoutout to all the dedicated people, who did everything possible to get me the best results, even if not to achieve top rank, and also those who were unable to secure top rank. !!! !!! My journey is the story of learning all the hardships of life which I faced, with all the people I faced and the lessons there lessons for them which I learned. There may not understand how these may not understand the lesson how may not understand. There may not understand how it may not understand the lesson there I might not understand there were They may not understand They may not understand how may not understand There may not learn what we may not understandWhen they may not understandThere may not understandWhenThey may not understand there Botha may not understandThenThey may not understandWithThey may not be”I.