Whats Bad about PDF Books?

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What's bad about PDF books?

Yes, it is immoral to do this. Copyrights have a limited duration. The moral choice would be to wait for this duration to expire, and then the book is free to all. Alternately, contact Amazon and get them to change their position on making that book available to you. There are a lot of things that should be required of you beyond one instance of trying to buy it and being foiled before you can break the law and break the moral right the author has over copying their book. Now, qualifying what I said above, the current duration for copyright is unfairly long. In all countries, copyright lasts at least 50 years after the author has died. And longer in many locations, like the U.S. This needs to be changed, but you don't succeed at getting laws changed by just ignoring them. It isn't moral to just ignore rules and laws because t are inconvenient or because your wants exist where there is no lawful availability. If I wanted a gun, but there were none in my country, it would be illegal and immoral for me to smuggle one in. Doubly so if I don't make any effort to change the stance of the government on allowing guns or other contraband.

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If you want to break the law, you have to make an effort to stop breaking the law. If you fail, the consequences will be more severe than breaking the law in the first place.