Which Is Better for Photo Editing Lightroom Or Photoshop?

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Which is better for photo editing: Lightroom or Photoshop?

The programmes integrate with one another so, personally speaking I use both. Each has its specific strengths. For example Lightroom is a great cataloguing and image organising tool, allowing key wording and much much more. It is also a good tool for sorting/ selecting images from a shoot, and for initial colour correction and refining the look of a group of images - colour, contrast etc. For detailed retouching, removal of unwanted elements etc Photoshop is the software of choice. However other software is also often used, such as Capture One for tethered shooting, as it is way quicker to display an image than Lightroom, which can sometimes be sluggish or freeze. For initial selection of images, shortlisting is done with Photo Mechanic which is also a lot faster than Lightroom. So my workflow, from a studio based shoot is. Shoot tethered to Capture One Use Photo Mechanic to make my image selection Bring the images in to the Lightroom library. Use Lightroom to make the final image selection. Tweak all the variables (colour,contrast,satuation etc), in Lightroom. Bring the finally selected images into Photoshop for more detailed retouching of specific areas. Save photoshop files. Make final colour/contrast corrections in Lightroom, select how I want LR to export them…file size with/without watermark, pixel dimensions, file type and output final files.

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Laminate 2.0 is now available for Lightroom 6.0.4. I like this product. I bought it when you could order it as well as other online sites were not as flexible. It makes the process of removing photos easier because it does not need the Lightroom processing engine. I think it will become an industry standard and will not be displaced by this. As always my feedback is welcome if anyone needs it. This is a simple tutorial to help clear up any doubts you may have regarding any of the files you are interested in editing. My blog features some of my most popular articles on photography. If you are new to photography check out my blog or look through their photo galleries.

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