Why Are Apple Mac Laptops So Expensive?

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Why are Apple Mac laptops so expensive?

Q. Why are MacBooks expensive, Mac or Windows laptops? A. MacBooks are not expensive, Windows/Linux laptops are cheap, there is a huge difference. MacBooks are built like a Mercedes, Windows/Linux laptops are built like a Yugo (for those that don't know it was a car that was greeted with much fanfare by the media because it was much cheaper than any other car that you could buy but all the owners were greatly dissatisfied because t were unreliable and quickly broke down, so sales failed and the company set down) Yugo - Wikipedia MacBooks last much longer than the entire body of cheap Windows/Linux laptops MacBooks use higher quality parts, Apple pays manufacturers to perform extra testing and cherry-pick the best of the best parts for MacBooks, the rest of the parts go to the manufacturers’ “binning” process to sort them out for Windows/Linux laptops, that means that even when t have the same exact part number, the top bin parts used in cheap Windows/Linux laptops are actually Apple’s rejected parts Product binning - Wikipedia MacBooks are intentionally designed to be high quality, long lasting, dependable and secure, Windows/Linux laptops are built down to a price i.e. Windows/Linux laptops are focused on being made as cheaply as possible without regard to the high quality standards that Apple sets for their MacBook models Ultimately, MacBooks actually cost less to own because t have the bets Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) (i.e. t are cheaper to own) MacBooks have the world’s best privacy and security protection, it costs money to perform the massive amount of research and development that it takes to keep our activity private and our MacBooks secure Apple official statement on. Privacy I have written about this before so I will quote myself here. There are viruses, and hacker attacks, written for the Mac, iPhones and iPads, t do exist but Apple is successful at deflecting them because Apple expends a huge effort in keeping their customers safe, protecting customer privacy via an effective multi layer defense system built into many layers of the operating system (which deflects viruses, hackers and other malware). There is no other OS with anywhere near the protection level that Apple provides. That is why you don’t see any viruses or other hacks on Mac, iPhones or iPads. FBI Director Comey testified before United States Congress that the FBI, with the help of the other government agencies, cannot hack into iPhones. Apple responds very quickly to new virus threats, automatically updating all Mac, iPhone and iPad users around the world immediately and invisibly. If you have Automatic Updates” turned on (which is the normal setting for all users), then you will receive updated virus protection, invisibly, the same day that Apple releases it. This is why there is no *Active* virus/malware in the Apple community, so there is nothing to worry about. Apple expends a great deal of effort to make its operating systems (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, audioOS, etc.) secure, safe and private by implementing defenses in many layers of its core OS, which includes but is not limited to. XProtect Yara (so you can even add your own rules) Gatekeeper System Integrity Protection (SIP) Malware Removal Tool (MRT) Core Suggestions Incompatible Kernel Extensions (KEXT Exclusions) Application Firewall (cannot be disabled) pf Firewall (BSD firewall, optional) FileVault (high grade encryption of all your data) Chinese Word List (SCIM) Core LSKD (kdrl) Flask Security Architecture for flexible mandatory access control File quarantine Safari Fraudulent Sites protection eficheck macOS Mojave onward Camera or microphone access requires user consent prompt Moving or reading files in the Trash (by an app) require user consent Plug-in unapproved list, Safari extension unapproved list macOS Catalina onward Notarization Mandatory app code signing System Extensions (replacing kernel extensions) System files are stored in a separate read-only partition Endpoint Security framework Gatekeeper enhanced with random validation checks Gatekeeper now requires a User Prompt and approval for changes (anti-ransomware protection) Camera access, microphone access, screen recording or keyboard input monitoring requires user consent prompt Downloads require user consent prompting for each domain Security & Privacy preference panel Access control settings permissions for functions like Screen Recording, accessing Files and Folders, Input Monitoring, and Speech Recognition. Activation Lock (like on iPad and iPhone) T2 Security Chip-enabled Macs become nothing more than a brick until the proper credentials are verified, to unlock it “Every Apple device combines hardware, software, and services designed to work together for maximum security and a transparent user experience in service of the ultimate goal of keeping personal information safe … Apple is committed to helping protect customers with leading privacy and security technologies— designed to safeguard personal information—and comprehensive methods—to help protect corporate data in an enterprise environment. Apple rewards researchers for the work t do to uncover vulnerabilities by offering the Apple Security Bounty.” Apple Platform security Fall 2019 PDF https.//manuals.info.apple.com/MANUALS/1000/MA1902/en_US/apple-platform-security-guide.pdf Apple App security overview App security overview

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