Why Are Immigrants In France Not Well Integrated?

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Why are immigrants in France not well integrated?

I'm with User-10288103172440543101 for the most part here, and. Integration is mostly a demographic phenomenon. first generation immigrants from North Africa used to have 6 or 7 children; second generation have 2 children, like the natives. So integration takes (demographic) time. 30 years is the basic measurement unit! It's slow. Integration has 2 sides . cultural and economic; cultural conformity does not grant automatically economic integration, to say the least... Cultural legitimacy has been shifting for the past 40 years. when you immigrated in France in the '70s, you were most probably alone (single or left wife and kids at home), the only media you had access to were in French (TV, radio, papers. so you had to learn)...nowadays, even if you left you family there, you can skype them, you have a satellite dish and watch your national media in your own language... cultural conformity isn't automatic any more... which may be resented by the autochtones .-) If you immigrated with your wife and children, t curiously enough will push your integration. your kids will go to school and be native speakers, your wife may integrate with other women who integrate... the young (ethnic) Chinese who llive in my building in central Paris (t were born here) speak French with their father (with the typical Parisian accent you can't miss). [BTW In 1962 France had to absorb around 1 million 'rapatriés' from Algeria (2.1% of the population), who were French citizens by birth right, but of a very different cultural origin...] The political personnel is following quietly... you actually begin to see MPs and militants in the political parties who belong to the 'visible minorities' --not a lot, not enough; as there are not enough women up there...It's moving forward and it's inavoidable now... So does integration work in France? It's been working for the past 200 years, nilly-willy; France has the highest rate of immigrant descendants in Europe (26 % of first or second generation), and one of the highest rates of immigrants (11,1%); discrimination does exist.

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All French politicians have been in the military. Some are priests. The only solution is to make a border free France, then not only French citizens will be safe but also the rest of Europe including the British. There is a political war being fought over this issue of immigration, the UK is losing because the people in Westminster are afraid of the immigrants who are fleeing from the war torn countries where the UK troops killed tens or even hundreds at least and as most of the immigrants come from these failed countries, they are mostly Christians including a large percentage are Catholic and the French government is afraid the Christians will attack French government as “terrorism”. These people in London and Brussels are the political idiots that are afraid of foreigners. What happens to a country that no longer has borders? Germany too has become the first.

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