Why Are the Names of Ancient Pharaohs And their Spouses Similar And?

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Why are the names of ancient pharaohs and their spouses similar and alike to present day Yorubas and Binis of Nigeria?

Yes the E1b1a Y-DNA of Yorubas and the group referred to as the Nubians in Ancient Egypt makes this an undeniable fact- Follow the blood/DNA= Scientifically trace the migration routes by identifying the blood lines. see response from James Johnson- It tells how the copts grew out of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and were systematically driven out of the region…. The Egyptian culture was Hamito Semitic meaning part Ham and part Shem…. The Hamitic part were the Y-DNA Haplogroup B’s= Meroe Cushites and Canaanite Libyans, and the Semitic part were the Y-DNA Haplogroup E’s= Meroe Nubians and the Canaanite Hebrew/Syrians… this one erroneous depiction of Egyptian races is responsible for all the confusion…. Which incorrectly portrays one of the dark Hamite races as White and also one of the Semite races as white- This was done by unscrupulous anthropologists and academics to interject a white race presence in Ancient Egyptian society as the major contributor turning the Hamito semitic relationship of antiquity into a 50% 50% European + 25% Hamito- 25% Semitic relationship. There has never been any evidence to support this configuration of Ancient Egypt society. However by distorting the image it gives more insight into what the configuration of the Ancient Egypt was by explaining the configuration of Anatolia which consisted of Canaan and Egypt the study. The study shows that Ancient Anatolia was all melanated B’s and E’s…. and the J’s were Geographically in Iran- so how could this be an accurate representation of Egyptian races?…. before Ptolemy there was never a white/Caucasoid Pharonic dynasty in Egypt All of Egypt was either Y-DNA Haplogroup B or E and what remains in Egypt today are Ancient Greek/Modern Arab haplogroup J Y-DNA J is neither Jewish or Arab but in both cases is interbred maternally with eurasian mtDNA * all mtDNA L is African. Therefore Jclaims Jewish and Arab ancestry only Matrilineally? A All of which means it is not connected to Semite Y-DNA from Haplogroup E genetically- This also happens to be the Haplogroup of the Iberomaurusian= Iberian/Mauro=Black/Asians- similar to how t created the Eurasian= Euro Asian label from Haplogroup E- simply because of mating with european mtDNA… All races male or female are identified by their phylogenetic tree Letter- if the Haplogroup letter matches the Phylogenetic tree letter then the Haplogroup belongs to that race and if the Haplogroup letters of two separate haplogroups do not match, their is no genetic connection between the two haplogroups as t are not the same race. Therefore Ancient Egyptians who share the same E1b1a haplotype also share the same ancestors in addition to the same race..

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This is the main reason why t and t's haplotype DNA is the same…. The ancient Egyptian's E1b1a haplotype DNA is genetically related from them to all the Ancient Egyptian's from Haplogroup E1b-1a. If you are interested in learning more about my work, please visit my website by clicking here: My research is open to the public in a number of ways- I receive information from the public on a regular basis about the ancestry of individuals, cultures, and races throughout history as well as their current activities…. See this link for more: I do not charge for any of my scientific work because I am not an academic like universities, and they must be funded by taxpayers and given the same freedoms of research that academic research has. If I were an academic, I would be prohibited by law from performing my research in public because I do not.