Why Do Some People Use Linux Instead of Windows on their Home?

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Why do some people use Linux instead of Windows on their home computers? Is it just because they don't want to pay for Windows?

There is a number of reasons. Starting from license cost (minor reason) and going so far as to taking advantage of Linux. What advantages? Central repository to manage software and system updates. Compared to Windows Update system, Linux is having everything in one place. Also by default Linux has more tools available. There is also aspect of security - there is much more malware targeting Windows than Linux. Those above are most popular reasons to use Linux. I use Linux and Windows, and FreeBSD. Which OS I use at specific moment depends on kind of job I want to complete. “Use right tools to do the job” .)

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I have made the switch for many reasons, but the most important reason is the security. It is MUCH easier for me to set up Linux machines at a desk near my office and remotely access them via a web browser with all the necessary software installed. This makes it easier for me to set up and upgrade systems as well. My family is small and this is ideal for my daughter to have time with her brother, sister, father and mother all in the same room as she can keep up with them. I have found that with my daughter using Linux since she was 5 months she is much more interested in computers. It gives her something to do during her free time away from gaming and the TV. To add to this I am more able to schedule times when I can go to another room.